If only it had snowed more

EVE is not the only game that people say stupid things about. From everyone’s favorite comments section, I give you this gem:

Linking apparent server populations to subscriber numbers might be an indicator, but in reality, it’s really just conjecture, voodoo science, guesswork.

For example, my SWTOR sub is good thru May, but I’ve been doing other things and have barely been logged in for a full hour in weeks . Mild winter/early spring also moves folk to spend less time at the computer.

That’s right folks. SW:TOR numbers are WAY DOWN not because the game sucks as an MMO (and seemingly, as a game overall), but because.

Wait for it.

The winter was mild.

And have you noticed that, in particular, Sunday’s have been mild? EAWare can’t compete with mild winter Sunday’s. Sometimes you make a great game with amazing retention, and god deals you a rough hand and strings a bunch of warn Sunday’s together to foil your master plan.

This also further proves that EVE players are all sociopaths. Look at this chart. Clearly despite warn Sunday’s, EVE players would rather participate in torture (play EVE) than get a tan or do some yard work. Losers.

PS: Wormhole for 800m should make for some interesting blog posts coming up.

Edit: Suicide watch update.

You will get to hear it from the horses mouth in May that is the next investor call …try not to fling yourself off a building or anything after the announcement.

I’m sure Massively have contacted the police to ensure everyone that comment was aimed at has not killed themselves, and will perma-ban Dunraven_. I also fully expect EG, RPS, CNN, and Obama to address the issue later tonight.

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25 Responses to If only it had snowed more

  1. Cyndre says:

    Oh btw… I can’t make it tonight to the corp event, cause its kinda warm out.

  2. Hah! Given how so many people claim MMOs are designed to be addictive, here we clearly have MMO fail. An addictive game that cannot keep you inside and playing when the weather gets nice.

  3. Devore says:

    The weather excuse is very popular. I think it’s been 3 years in a row now where winter weather has been blamed for piss poor economic indicators in the US. Winter weather in winter! It is also a favorite of realtors, so if early spring numbers are bad, then the weather is either too cold (everyone stayed home) or too warm (everyone was doing yardwork), see, the temperature has to be just right, like baking a cake.

  4. SynCaine says:

    “TOR is a rich old school mmorpg with all of the clunkiness that entails. It’s a charming game to me.”

    Who. The. Fuck. Are. These. People?

    • Dex says:

      These People are Children and/or Mentally Challenged.

    • Cyndre says:

      I got a 14 day free trial to TOR and played 1 day, like 4hrs total and by the end of the session was in that first flashpoint, and actually debating just logging off mid-instance it was so not fun… i couldn’t bring myself to log in again during the two weeks…

  5. bonedead says:

    Brace yourselves, subscribers are coming

  6. Zirce says:

    Here’s a pretty honest discussion among swtor players on how swtor… sucks.


    Sounds like they are pretty desperate for server merges but EA doesn’t want to touch server merges with a ten foot pole for fear of confirming the death spiral.

  7. Kelindia says:

    It truely is amazing how bad Swtor is for costing 300M to make. Even their combat system sucks when compared to alot of th games out there. Star Wars is such a good IP for designing what you want while staying consistent within the world that it’s a shame they have so little content or quality content. Like come on they made the space fights of a STAR WARS game a minigame.

    Having tried the game at launch(due to getting it for christmas) I can certainly say that I won’t be taking a look at it again for over a year simply because they need to rehaul almost the entire game.

  8. Anonymous says:

    IT’S ‘Sundays.’ RAAAAGE! :)

    Goddammit, Bioware. I was hoping that they’d give WoW a run for its money to spur a bit more innovation in the genre.

  9. Sullas says:

    I clicked on that link with some alarm and trepidation, because it was capitalised and everything. Could it be that my MMO is actually getting it in the neck especially hard?

    Nah. Thankfully, it was just xfire.

    • Xyloxan says:

      No, it’s not just xfire. You should also click on the link provided by Zirce. It would be a stretch to conclude that TOR is doing just fine.

  10. Aerynne says:

    Dunraven is, like, 12 years old or something. He stated elsewhere that his mommy and daddy might not let him play TSW. That does go a long way toward explaining his extreme TOR-fanboism.

  11. Ephemeron says:

    Thanks for the motivation boost, Syncaine.

    I think I’ll stay subscribed to TOR just to spite you.

    • Kana says:

      Wow, the force is strong in you, darth Syncaine will crying himself to sleep tonight and no mistake!

    • Because the game isn’t worth subscribing to otherwise?

      I mean, your statement makes it pretty clear that unsubscribing was on your mind and that you’ll stick with it just to spite The Dark Lord SynCaine.

      Way to stick it to him and support those rebels at EA!

  12. Chris says:

    You do realize the game you’re saying is doing so terrible is still pulling 4x more players than EVE, right? I get the decline but it’s hard to park a mustang next to a hot wheels and not see which matters more.

    • Xyloxan says:

      Do you expect TOR to be around and thriving in 8 years?

    • Lyss says:

      It doesnt matter more. tor, like wow, wants masses, in tors case the masses just dont want it.

      If you want to compare tor then do it with wow, this is the league in which bioware wants to see their game. You compare firefly with a michael bay and say the bay is better, because it got more viewers,

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