Civilization V multiplayer is good

My friend and I have finally moved on from playing Heroes 6 multiplayer, primarily due to the AI. On most maps, it’s just terrible, and even at the highest difficulty you simply can’t get a decent game out of it. We can’t play just 1v1 because that gets boring quickly, and playing Heroes with anything more than two people is asking for a marathon of mostly waiting.

During the last Steam sale, I gifted him Civ V Complete and he picked up the Gods and Kings expansion. This is his first exposure to Civilization, so he has a lot to learn, but he is enjoying himself so far and we are about halfway through our first multiplayer game.

Dear god is Civ V multiplayer enjoyable compared to Heroes 6. Simultaneous turns are so incredible and yet basic I still don’t understand how Heroes 6 shipped without them. The turns being far shorter also keeps the pace up, while at the same time allowing you to casually chat in vent about what’s happening or how something works. In Heroes we always felt pressed to finish a turn rather than talk because we knew the other person was waiting.

It’s also helpful that overall Civ V is a superior game. Far better balance, great AI (compared to H6), random maps, more civ/faction choices, more ways to win, etc. If you have been considering playing with someone but feared the general length of one game of Civ, I’d highly recommend giving it a try. It’s more enjoyable than I initially imagined it being, and makes for a very deep, relaxing bit of gaming.

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  1. Alexandre ''Zeviking'' Boisvert says:

    I personally enjoy playing both game solo or multiplayer. I am more of a Heroes 3 player tho, the 6 being so empty(lack of ressources, factions, random map generator), but I must say the online, this game is not made for online play, Hot Seat is the only multiplayer format worth playing with 2 or 3(max) players, as long as you got music, tv, whatev to pass time between turns.

    As for civ, both the 4 and 5 are great yet different and I see these games more as time filling games then anything. When I play Civ 5 alone or with friend, I usually play on Magic Online at the same time and multi-task this easily.

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