CoC: Supreme Cream! Vs Ganu Bersatu

(Stats and writeup by Delpez)

Another close war and another come-from-behind victory! With 90 minutes on the clock we were still 15 stars behind, but a solid clean-up strategy and some impressive attacks sealed the win. We also got the wrong end of the matchmaker, as the following tables show:

Nr. of TH’s

SC! Enemy
Nr of TH10 2 3
Nr of TH9 13 15
Nr of TH8 26 24
Nr of TH7< 4 3
Ave TH level 8.20 8.36

Average experience per TH

SC! Enemy
TH10 107 115
TH9 94 94
TH8 78 75
TH7 60 60
Overall 81 82

Not a complete mismatch, but certainly not in our favour. The 0.16 difference in TH level is significant, and they had three more high level bases. Their TH10’s were also more advanced, but our TH8’s compensated somewhat – both in numbers and experience level. The attack stats and stars left per base are shown next:

Attack stats

SC! Enemy
Score 112 109
Total Attacks Used 85 81
Total 3 Star Attacks 28 22
Total 3 Star % 32.9 27.2
3 Stars Against Same Level 21 14
3 Star % Against Same Level 30.4 21.2
3 Stars Against Lower Level 7 6
3 Star % Against Lower Level 63.6 50.0
TH8 3 Stars 14 13
TH8 3 Star % 29.2 28.9
TH8 3 Stars (same level) 13 9
TH8 3 Star % (same level) 29.5 22.5
TH8 Ave Stars / Attack (same level) 2.0 1.7
TH9&10 3 Stars 12 6
TH9&10 3 Star % 40.0 18.8
TH9&10 3 Stars (same level) 6 5
TH9&10 3 Star % (same level) 28.6 20.0
TH9&10 Ave Stars / Attack (same level) 1.62 1.72

Stars left

SC! Enemy
TH10 3 5
TH9 9 12
TH8 14 6

In isolation, the 3-stars numbers suggest an easy victory. However, we left a lot of 1-stars against their TH9&10 bases. This was a deliberate move towards the end of the war to clean up TH8 bases, and the strategy worked out well. However, it also shows that we can improve quite a bit by getting 2- or 3-stars against high level bases on a more consistent basis. The performance and attacking strategies per TH level are discussed next.

We have a couple of new TH5’s, and wars are difficult at that level. Your only real option is a giant/healer army, backed up by archers/wizards. Giants or a high level healer in the clan castle can go a long way in ensuring a successful attack. The strategy is to first take out the clan castle troops, then take out the air defence with your giants before dropping the healers. Once the giants have most of the aggro, deploy your ranged troops. This strategy is also viable at TH6, and some of the skills you’ll learn are also applicable for higher level attacks (such as GoWiPe), so this is an ideal opportunity to practice. Just keep in mind that you are not expected to make much of a contribution until TH7, so just have fun and learn!

At TH7 dragons are still the only effective attacking option, and even the new air blower is not enough to prevent an easy 3-star against another TH7. However, at TH8 the blower has changed things quite a bit. During this war it appeared as though our TH8’s were struggling, but looking at the numbers they actually smashed the opposition pretty hard. TH8 3-star percentages have certainly dropped – in the past it ranged from the high 30% upwards. These days 30% 3-stars against other TH8’s seems like a good number, and that includes TH8 GoWiPe attacks. This presents an opportunity – previously TH8’s pretty much cancelled each other out in wars, since the attacks were easier. Since that is no longer the case, one can now build up a substantial advantage at this level. This means that GoWiPe and Hog attacks are becoming more important at TH8, as their 3-star percentages have not changed with the blower, while dragons have taken a hit.

At TH9&10 we scored more 3-stars at a higher percentage, but left a lot of stars behind as well. As discussed earlier, this was partly due to the fact that they had more high level bases, but also because we decided to clean up TH8 bases towards the end of the war, leaving a number of 1-star bases behind. Attacking options really opens up at this level (I can only talk about TH9 – not sure how this changes at TH10). GoWipe and Hog variants are strong against the right bases, and Lavaloon seems very powerful against some low-mid TH9’s. There’s also a lot of scope to improvise, like using Hogs in a GoWiWi attack to clear a cluster of defences (see Syn’s attack against #15). I guess matching the base to an attacking strategy is key, and one of the most important skills at higher levels. This link (provide by Jonneh) is still pretty valid, even though it was posted before the air blower. It shows how to attack the popular bases, and how to execute most TH9 attacks:

A final comment – the air blower has made dragon attacks at TH9 much harder. Dragons used to have a decent chance to 2-star a TH9 base, and although still possible, that percentage have certainly decreased. Even more reason to max everything at TH8, since you really need GoWiPe and Hogs to contribute as a new TH9.

SynCaine edit: To add to what Delpez wrote, at TH8+, especially once you have multiple attack types maxed (hogs, gowipe, lavaloonion), it becomes very important to carefully review the base you are attacking and build the correct mix of troops. To do this successfully you have to learn how many troops it will take to get something done.

For example, if there is a cannon or tower on the outside of the base without air defense coverage, a loon or two to take it out might make sense, but you need to learn and correctly estimate how many loons you will need to get the job done. If that attack can also pull the CC, that is a major bonus, and is again something to factor in to your overall attack plan/build.

In addition to bringing the correct troops, you should also actually plan out the attack how you expect it to go, as you often will have to drop certain troops at a certain time, rather than just dumping everything at the start like at lower TH levels. This takes a lot of practice, as predicting the AI in CoC is very difficult, and traps/teslas will also change things up for you. You will screw attacks up often, so don’t get discouraged.

On the other side of things, designing your base correctly is the reverse of attack planning. You want your base to be as difficult to predict as possible, and to ‘trick’ someone into thinking something will work against you. This is why taking a base off the internet isn’t recommended; while it might work well vs the average player who doesn’t do his research, against a skilled clan you are easy stars.

The best way to make a great base is to understand the basics of CoC AI, the basics of base design, and then refine your base design anytime someone around your level has a successful attack against it (if your are a TH8 and a TH10 gets 3-stars, not much you can do in terms of design).

Question for the clan: Would people be interested in the occasional trophy push? One weekend every month or so we all try to go as high as possible in trophies, just to see how high we can get our total as a clan. Just a ‘go for big numbers’ thing, but perhaps something fun to do as a clan? Drop a comment for yes/no and why.

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15 Responses to CoC: Supreme Cream! Vs Ganu Bersatu

  1. Caldazar says:

    I’m not interested in trophy rushes, however I would love a week of back to back clan wars every once in a while.

  2. Alistair says:

    I’ll be th6 tomorrow… should I try to get to 7 ASAP or upgrade defense a little bit before moving up?

    • SynCaine says:

      Go to TH7 asap, building defenses or upgrading troops won’t matter at TH6 anyway; people will roll you and you need dragons for clan wars to hit other TH7s anyway. At TH7 pause to get dragons to level 2 and upgrade Barbs/Archers for farming, and upgrade some defenses as that happens, especially air def and archer towers.

      • Jonneh says:

        Just to piggy back on this and say you will still get rolled at TH7 with no defences but at least you can punch back

  3. Jonneh says:

    I am happy to go along with a trophy push, we have a th8 champ so no reason the rest of us can’t manage it.

    I was curious just how different the bases higher up are. I have only been to crystal 3 so far and the base diversity didn’t seem any different from gold just abandoned bases were a lot fewer and pickings less abundant.

  4. Delpez says:

    The nice thing about a trophy push is that you don’t need the entire clan to participate. The top ten bases count 50% of the clan ranking, and the next 10 bases add another 25%. So if people don’t want to participate it wouldn’t make much difference.

    I would suggest we start our push after a league reset, and check our clan ranking 1 day before the season ends. That way we can compare apples with apples.when trying to improve on our best ranking.

  5. Mikrakov says:

    I’m currently doing a personal push to Dread league for the 1k gems, so if that happens as a part of a coordinated clan push, all the better! It is rather boring though. Next, next, next, next, next, next, next …….

  6. Saate says:

    Thanks for the recent welcome guys! I recently finished my grind to champ as a TH8 and while I’d never been particularly interested in trophy pushing it was something I decided to do in the couple of weeks it took to upgrade my barracks to L10.

    I was upgrading them two at a time so didnt really have the troop training power to do any proper farming. I discovered the higher ranks (crystal 1 on) to actually be incredibly profitable and at most I was gem-boosting a single barracks (instead of the usual 4) which enabled me to go constantly. Once I hit masters the DE rewards from league bonus were so abundant I was able to chain-train my barb king from 7-10 and kick off Golem 2 research (60k DE) the same day I kicked off Barb king 10.

    I doubt I’ll change my farming method anytime soon – I think it definitely requires a certain OCD mentality though (Think Winterspring frostsaber in classic wow) and is not for everyone. If you can get into a groove while watching tv it doesnt require a lot of attention either. On reflection I think I’d be horrified at the stats if there was a ‘next’ counter though :p

  7. sleepysam says:

    So, how does a trophy push affect matchmaking? I see a hint of that in what Delpez wrote. I’m guessing we might get slightly tougher matchups, all else being equal, if we have more trophies?

    • Mikrakov says:

      Trophies don’t count in matchmaking at all, otherwise people would game the system

      • sleepysam says:

        So what is the “clan ranking”? Is that just a trophy number assigned to the clan that doesn’t really matter?

        • SynCaine says:

          Basically. Only the top 3 clans worldwide get a gem bonus, which is the realm of maxed bases and 24/7 players.

        • Delpez says:

          The clan ranking is just a way to keep score, unless you’re trying for the top 3 clans as Syn said. So during a push we would see how far we can progress up the rankings, and try to improve on our best ranking in subsequent trophy pushes.

  8. Jonneh says:

    This guy says he has calculated how to work out your war weight, have not tested it myself yes but figured some might find it interesting

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