GW2: Server selection metagame

The amount of meta-gaming going on right now around GW2 server selection is pretty interesting. More on this post go-live, but if WvW is at all a concern to you, choose wisely (or read this blog).

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11 Responses to GW2: Server selection metagame

  1. I wonder how my old stand-by of picking the server with hardest to spell, least pronounceable name would fly this time around?

  2. bhagpuss says:

    WvW is of no concern to me whatsoever but I would like a nice PvE-RP server. I saw the list of server names but I haven’t seen anything about whether there are specific playstyle-types attached.

    Otherwise, I played Yak’s Bend throughout beta and I’m happy to go with that again.

  3. João Carlos says:

    There is an unofficial list of servers, indicating to where guilds and other communities (french, spanish, brazilian, etc) need go. But I am at work and cannot post a link here. From memory, I know that RP unofficial NA server is Tanished Coast.

  4. professer says:

    It would sure suck if you accidentally chose a dud PvP server and was stuck on it.

    • João Carlos says:

      There is no open PvP sever. PvP is server X server or sPvP. I think the worse problem is if you choose the portuguese unofficial server (or any other language, I have nothing against portuguese speaking people, I am brazilian, it is only an example, few people at USA will understand portuguese) and you don’t understand the language at the chat channel.

      • Sand says:

        you don’t need to clarify that you have nothing against any particular group here, Joao. we do a pretty good job of chasing away the PC fuckheads.

        and yeah, picking a server with the wrong language and not being able to switch would blow. one of many resons i’m waiting to watch my buddy play it for a bit before i spend any of my money.

      • coppertopper says:

        From what i understand Brazil are hated in LoL for acting like asses. So thanks for the heads up about Brazil being Portugese speaking.

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