Fantastic Xcom review

In case anyone here has not picked this title up, I’d highly recommend reading this review from Gamespy. I think its very fair and hits all the right points.

For me Classic Ironman mode really has lead to some highs and lows of almost-MMO proportions. Just great great stuff.

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5 Responses to Fantastic Xcom review

  1. thade says:

    I love it. It really is a remarkable game.

    I really hope they follow through on their maybe for a Steam Workshop mod kit. Once the modding community gets their hands on that, the game will explode with content.

    • Jim Klink says:

      I want a co-op mode! I build my base on one continent, a friend builds his on another. We can transfer tech back and forth for x% of cost or whatever. On the big missions from the council its 2 player, otherwise we can each handle shooting down UFO’s on our own.

  2. Derrick says:

    Yup. I’ve got a LOT of hours into XCOM so far, and haven’t even touched Multiplayer. It’s a really fantastic game; all the awesomeness of Knighturn/Kingturn and Final Fantasy Tactics, with a wonderful SciFi setting.

    The part I like best is how it’s *so very much* like tabletop wargaming. It would be trivial to port the ruleset over and play it as a tabletop game, for that matter – you could even steal the point costs from Multiplayer whole cloth.

    With that said… Normally, I hate the “glam cam” type options (always turned them off in HoMM and similar games) but in XCOM I find it really adds a lot of flavor, and prevents the game from becoming abstract and overly tabletopish. Keeps an element of fast action.

    Ok.. Really? I just love it when a big baddy comes into view of my whole squad on overwhat simultaneously. Heavy weapons fire, sniper rounds, assault rifles, all firing at once. It’s awesome :)

  3. Derrick says:

    One other note. Even if you’re new to XCom, play on Ironman. If you don’t want a significant challenge, do Normal first, but play on Ironman.

    Death of your troops being a real option has an enormous impact on gameplay, and it makes choices made in battles much more significant.

    Also, the game is balanced over imperfect play and loss. Playing Classic Ironman, you WILL lose nations support. You WILL lose troops. If you play on Normal, the early game can still be challenging, but once you build a full satellite network (Hint: This should always be your #1 priority regardless of difficulty!!) it becomes very easy and loses a lot of it’s flavor. On Classic Ironman, once you get to the “full network” point where it’s easier to maintain low panic levels, you’ve lost a few nations so you don’t get all the continent bonuses and sport a much lower monthly income. It makes all elements of the game more interesting, and choices harder.

    Do you get better equipment for your squads? Or fund research? Outfit your interceptors better?

    Most importantly, with Ironman, you’re forced to make in battle decisions you don’t have to make otherwise. In a non-ironman game, you just retry missions until you’re successful; but in an Ironman game instead you need to actively retreat from missions you can’t (or feel you can’t) win. It’s a hard choice, and adds a LOT to the game.

  4. whatever says:

    The game ends very quickly. Their way of making it hard is to have a manic pace. Mutons show up on Month 3. By the time you can possibly get your satellite network up, full-bore, the game is already half over unless you keep playing for lolz.

    You will almost never completely fill in your base, except to amuse yourself or because you want to build 6 workshops or 2 laboratories or some other completely unnecessary thing.

    Research, on the other hand, will be completed, lol, whether you try or not. So long as you interrogate aliens.

    The reward structure is insane. Since you can’t sell alien weapons, and bodies sell cheap and weapon fragments for nothing, once you reach endgame and don’t need engineeers/scientists anymore abductions and council missions and panic missions are simply annoying and the only thing that matters are the alien ship shootdowns for the purpose of progression. And alien ship appearance appears to be random. So progression will be random. Isn’t that swell?

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