Xcom: No looking back

I finished my Classic/Ironman game of Xcom over the weekend, with the final turn of the final battle coming down to making a 90% shot or losing everything. Luckily the 10% did not kick in and I saw the ending, otherwise much rage would have followed.

As I’ve stated before, Xcom is pretty fantastic, especially when “played right” in Classic/Ironman. Just the right mix of difficulty, luck, and rewarding gameplay. Officially it was my 23rd attempt, but many of those were cancelled after the initial battle, due to how important the early days/months are compared to later ones. During my game I actually had a full squad wipe, losing 6 Col, but was able to recover as at that point I had access to SHIVs (which are amazingly strong) and was able to train up a replacement crew in time for the finale.

As for playing on Impossible, I think I’m going to hold off until some DLC is released. I have no doubt that Xcom will see a good bit of DLC, and I’m actually looking forward to it. Already the first announced pack will add more Council missions (an area that could use some variety), and I’m sure more DLC will expand the game further. I’m also hoping the mod scene picks up and some interesting things come from that as well.

I plan to try out multiplayer, which seems to be fairly active. Beyond that, Darkfall should be out in about 20 days, so just need a little more gaming filler until then.

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3 Responses to Xcom: No looking back

  1. Larofeticus says:

    So an unfourtunate lesson I learned on my first successful playthrough:

    If you botch the final mission, even classic/ironman, it lets you restart the mission.

    I got MC raped in the last room, the last couple turns were “well this is over dammit.” and the volunteer was the last to fall.

    And then a popup window “The volunteer has been killed, retry mission?” came up. I literally yelled “I’M NOT A F–KING BABY YOU S–T GAME?”

    And then after a minute I calmed down and restarted… it takes so many restarted games to get to that point, and so much time invested… i guess I am a baby.

    • Peter Newman says:

      I had exactly the same reaction. Except I went “No it wouldn’t…”, clicked Restart… “yes, it did…”, then went out to the menu and deleted the save. I considered it a fair loss – I went in with no MC shielding etc – and didn’t want to a retry.

  2. whatever says:

    Before ordering new soldiers go to the menu, reselect and reapply your difficulty and the delivery 3 days later will have the intended amount of Hitpoints.

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