The Elder Scrolls MMO is… um… not as bad as SW:TOR?

9 minute Elder Scrolls Online video.

So first things first, it overall did not come off as horrible as the first info release sounded, and (almost) nothing in the interviews gave off the SW:TOR “We have no clue how to make an MMO, 4th Pillar should work right guyz?” vibe (buy a hotbar!). The emphasis on exploration was a little much, because we all know how exploration really works in MMOs, but again, it’s not 4th Pillar-level early disaster.

The PvP part towards the end looked very Darkfall-ish, which is amusing. Amusing because TESO PvP will suck compared to Darkfall, and because we have a game that’s not out yet attempting to fake (with phasing and zoning and all that) what a game produced in 2002 delivered. The more things change…

The biggest takeaway for me is that, come release day, will we be looking at TESO as the last bad WoW clone (wasn’t that supposed to be SW:TOR? Make it end…), or will we already have moved on. I mean, when the average Massively commentator is asking for something that’s not a WoW-clone, I think we have officially jumped the shark (doesn’t work but go with it), right?

At least they were honest that the game starts at the level cap.

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5 Responses to The Elder Scrolls MMO is… um… not as bad as SW:TOR?

  1. MMORaid says:

    I agree it’s sounding better, but I wonder how much of the game has been changed since SWTOR and TSW failed. I think they’re trying to make is sound as much of a sandbox game as they can, but are too late in development tomake an real changes. ESO’s going to be DOA imo.

  2. They had me until the cap comment. I was genuinely surprised and disappointed when they said that the game really “opened up” at the cap. Really? Haven’t we done this 1000 times already?

  3. Chris K. says:

    It looks like yet another generic fantasy MMO. It will probably crash and burn 3 months into launch, but maybe they can sustain it if it launches as F2P/B2P. Definitely not worth a sub.

  4. SM says:

    What is the endgame? Anything new or just same-old same-old?

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