Darkfall:UW – Worst case

I did a Darkfall best-case here. Today it’s worst-case time.

Of course the first thing that could go wrong is the game not launching on Nov 20th.

Assuming the game does launch on the 20th, the next issue would be a typically poor MMO launch in terms of queues (over an hour) or outright downtime/crashing. Other problematic issues would be syncing or mobs not spawning ala early DF1.

Moving on, if we have a game on the 20th and we can actually play it, other items of concern are the lack of the first person view (yet to be seen in videos), whether the new role/skill system will move DF too far away from a player-skill based game and closer to a WoW/GW2 skillsmash, and whether the grind to a master-of-all-trades is really gone.

Other concerns include the revamped world (how much smaller? How specialized), the removal of some cities and hamlets (too many for midsized clans to have one?), and whether the economy will be anything but the mess that it was in DF1.

Finally, and most importantly, will DF:UW feel like DF1? Will it really be a better version, or some dumbed-down or bastardized version that is still too hard for ‘casuals’, but not meaty enough for DF1 vets? What if it goes F2P, or sub+cash shop? While it was taken for granted, DF1 remained true to its original version for it’s three year run; will the same happen with DF:UW, or will AV do to it what Blizzard did to WoW with WotLK, or Turbine did to LotRO with F2P? How much would you pay for a hotbar in DF?

(Just kidding about that last one, the game would need to fall really, really far before doing something THAT silly.)

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  1. GenaJoz says:

    now is 1/1/2013 and it seems darkfall uw is ruind in my eyes, i was new in df1 played there for 6 months and then they shuted server. on 20/12/12 they opened df:uw and they kept the same game but at the same way they ruined it, take look at the gui we have now it is s… we can stick 12 skills in circles and we have about same amount of skills…… when before we had much more biger freedom now we lost it, to be honest when i payed df:uw sub I thot i will come back in something bether then df1. but it seems i was wrong…. unfortunatly i will be leaving df cause of laak of freedom, which we had before. i believe if they would run both df1 and df:uw they would notice biger population in df1 then in df:uw. cause after 3-4monts ppl will notice that all using the same skills and all are stuck in same circles of skills, all wariaty of gaming style is gone, when in df1 we had as many diferent styles of fight as peole was there. i mean werry rarely you could met a person who fights as same way as you. and what we got now? ………………..
    if they would bring darkfall 1 back i believe many people would be happier and more motivated to play it cause of that great wariaty.
    bring back the olld good skills the old good gui, keep the map, no one would not complayn about changing the teritories as in df:uw it needs so litle just good old gui and skills and keep the all other changes. sorry for grama mistakes but im writing with my tiers in eyes cause AV did mest up the greatest game in the world, never found any game like DF1 and i Doubt that there will be any like it any more……… Thanks AV for making those six months of mine greatest of my game time ever i had.

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