Superman64 continues to fly under the radar

“Star Wars: The Old Republic excels in it’s PvP combat system above all else” – Said by no one, ever.

Just kidding, said it. Awesome troll job is awesome right? (everyone is going to link to this, so yes, working as intended) Also nice to see what 300m+ gets you for visual effects. No wonder SW:TOR is a resource hog; Crysis-level stuff right there everyone, giving EQ2 a real run for its money! (EQ2 is atrocious looking; fact not opinion).

At least they got #1 correct, though at this point that’s kinda like stating one is the first whole digit positive number. It’s not so much a discussion as just stating the obvious.

Anyway, I’d highly recommend checking the entire list out, if only for the lulz. Not only is the 2-50 order odd, but my guess is you have never heard of at least a few titles included.

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6 Responses to Superman64 continues to fly under the radar

  1. tithian says:

    I knew all 50 of them. Haven’t actually played all of them, but I definitely knew them.

    But yeah, the list is weird. It has Plants vs Zombies in it for christ sake

    • Heh, yes, I will give them that there wasn’t a complete unknown title on the list. I had at least heard of them all.

      But the attempt to cast a net and pull out fifty games where the only criteria is that they were playable on a personal computer? A fools errand and guaranteed to generate controversy. So, as SynCaine said, working as designed.

      The part of the list I have problems with is where they lump in a game and its remake (StarCraft AND StarCraft II?) or its update (Torchlight AND Torchlight II?) when there were a lot of other worthy titles out there.

  2. Carson says:

    You noticed, I trust, that the genre they put down for SW:TOR was “Role Playing Game”, not MMORPG.

    Ah, EQ2.. all these years on, and it still reigns supreme at one achievement: never has such a demanding graphics engine been married to such dreadful art direction.

    • SynCaine says:

      I missed the genre thing with TOR. I guess the PvP part makes more sense now, consider the um… competition?

      Err, no, no it does not.

      • carson63000 says:

        What game do you think matches EQ2 for “so demanding / such dreadful art direction”? I’ve never come across the like, but I certainly wouldn’t claim to have played everything.

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