Darkfall: Unholy War pre-order is here

Pre-order Darkfall: Unholy Wars here.

Sadly no referral program yet. Not sure how I’m going to fuel up the Ferrari without one, so hopefully AV gets on that ‘soon’. The bank account that DF1 funded is running dangerously close to falling out of the seven digit range, and I’d hate to drop my standard of living back to something like you people endure. :shudder:

Edit: Just your average MMO combat.

Elementalist vs Skirmisher

Elementalist vs Skirmisher (click for full size)

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7 Responses to Darkfall: Unholy War pre-order is here

  1. Adam says:

    This was -shockingly- on time and well organized.

    It’s not like Aventurine has truly turned over a new leaf but they are slowly slowly getting better.

  2. poohbum says:

    What are the servers like? Is the EURO and US game different? Otherwise I’d want to buy the US version if I can still play on the EU since it is cheaper.

    • SynCaine says:

      No difference between the servers other than location (Chicago and Germany, I think?). Not sure if you can opt to pay for the US version if you are in the EU though.

  3. sid6.7 says:

    Bah. I can’t remember my login/password for my old DF account and the stupid reset doesn’t work. Sent a ticket, so I guess I get to stress test the support system. LOL,

    I think I’ll just get a new account.. A little thing like money shouldn’t ruin my triumphant return to MMOs, eh?

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