Darkfall Hobbit

Waiting for the Darkfall beta to start is like watching The Hobbit; way too long, way too much focus put on the stupid filler you forget the moment it’s over, and everyone already knows the ending so just get to it already.

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5 Responses to Darkfall Hobbit

  1. kalex716 says:

    Are they wiping at the end of the beta?

    • Keen says:

      Not even Aventurine knows what their plans are for beta. To assume they will is to assume they know what they are doing. That’s dangerous.

  2. sid6.7 says:

    Downloading the beta client as we speak…

  3. Mord Ridakon says:

    Also like The Hobbit, it’s inevitably going to be terrible and unenjoyable to everyone but a vocal minority and you’re probably better off saving your money and waiting until it hits the bargain bin or you can see it for free.

  4. Goom says:

    Yes I have zero interest in seeing it stretched into three movies as they cater to hobbit groupies who can’t get enough of that crap they shovel and call awesome. I’ll watch the third and expect not seeing the first two wont matter

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