This Steam sale…

Is it just me, or is this Steam sale a bit weak? A lot of titles are still at their original prices, and at 50% off they still come out to $20+. Plus other than FTL (awesome), I’m not seeing anything that I really want.

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  1. Overpower3d says:

    I just bought Sins of the Solar Empire: Rebellion for $13.59. Not sure if you’re a fan of RTS games, but its probably the best RTS game since the original Starcraft. If you have any interested at all in RTS games, do yourself a favor and check it out.

  2. carlosthedwarf says:

    Amazon and GreenManGaming have had much better deals.

  3. Mekhios says:

    The only items I have bought during the Steam sale were the two Skyrim expansions and Deadlight. Everything else I either already have or am not interested in.

  4. Its always the same crap every year. And if it isnt the Steam users vote for the dumbest titles every single time. They pick something that is on sale 24/7 and not the titles that never go on sale. So basically it repeats itself over the course of the entire month.

  5. spinks says:

    It feels like they have more sales every year, they go on longer, and feature new games earlier and earlier. So by the time you get to the xmas sale, chances are you’ve already been able to buy any games you wanted this year and this is just like a second shot (or a chance to spend any xmas present cash).

    But was happy to pick up The Walking Dead this time around.

  6. larofeticus says:

    Careful with FTL, it’s a troll game.

    How to emulate the FTL experience:
    1. Grab five six-sided dice.
    2. Roll them over and over again until you get all sixes.
    3. Declare victory.

    • Raelyf says:

      Many people have ‘learned’ in the last decade that sucking at a video game is the same as it being broken. I’ve heard WoW gives participation trophies.

  7. ChainmailDress says:

    I haven’t bought anything from the Steam sale yet although I am tempted to get Dawnguard and maybe Left 4 Dead 2 (although, wasn’t it free or close not too long ago?) I could also let my inner child out and get The Sims 3… but I don’t feel like playing a game where I have to clean and decorate a house when I already have all those chores in real life.

  8. David says:

    Well, I’ve planned to buy something big and even got me a $100 paysafecard (it’s Christmas time and I’ve been a very good boy this year:) ).. And in the end I only got Botanicula for something like $2,75 or $4, don’t remember.
    But I don’t complain. Steam has more and more sales every year and it’s difficult to give away only the good things. Just like everywhere. The Christmas sale at H&M is often very disappointing, too.

  9. Tudor says:

    Two things have opened my eyes about this sale so far:

    Firstly, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was on sale for 33% off; USD 33 or so. This seemed to be a fair deal to me as the game is still relatively new. But then at the same time, Green Man Gaming was having a 50% of sale on the game and they had a 30% of all digital games coupon advertised. I was able to grab it off their website for 50*0.5*0.7 = USD 17.50. The key worked on Steam.

    Secondly, I’ve always been a fan of driving games and right now Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is on sale for 50% off. But then, as one of the top threads on the game-specific forum, you’ll notice that people are complaining about a price increase. Apparently the NFS games were on sale for 75% off earlier during the holiday special and only recently were bumped down to 50% off for the flash deal. Wait, what? Apparently this has something to do with bullying from EA, but still…

    Anyways, I’m just complaining about first problems now, aren’t I?

  10. whorhay says:

    I haven’t been impressed with the sale this year either. I bought some games around Thanksgiving though. The only thing I bought at Christmas was three copies of Gods and Kings. I’ve wanted to pick up the Skyrim DLC’s but the prices, even at half price just feel too steep for such little content. I almost bought Borderlands 2 when it was 50% off but that still put it at $30, which honestly still felt like too much, so I’ll be waiting another six months on that one.

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