TESO looking great on all fronts!

Darkfall post coming in a bit, but I need to post this first.

The Elder Scrolls Online video leak disaster.

The video has already been removed from Youtube (if someone has a working link, please post a comment), but the Massively commentator gold is still there. My only question is, how much is Zenimax paying Broken Gears and Rufflepaws, and do they get a refund? Guess that’s what you get when you outsource damage control huh?

I’ll give the Massively crowd credit though, at least some of them are catching on. If this was pre-release SW:TOR-era Massively, the comments would be 90% Broken Gears-types, rather than the 50/50 split that I read (not that I read all 800+ comments, I can only take so much). Still a long way to go, but baby steps at least.

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6 Responses to TESO looking great on all fronts!

  1. lothirieth says:


    And eh, I found it pretty average looking. Other players in a TES environment was personally really jarring as well.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    I saw the trailer yesterday before it was pulled down and I wasn’t impressed. Part of it was that the guy doing it didn’t explain anything and mostly seemed to be running around randomly. and he sucked when he got in combat too. Kited things into adds, didn’t finish things off, etc.

    I’m not pre-ordering or anything, but I’m still at least semi-interested…. though now it almost feels like I want to see if I can do better out of the gate than whoever did that video, not due to any real desire to play the game itself. Loved Morrowind, but never bothered with Oblivion or Skyrim, after all. . . .

  3. theJexster says:

    Man! That looks so amazing average! Where do these companies keep putting the money? Not into graphics, not into gameplay, not into new concepts and ideas…I just don’t get it. For ex. If I showed anyone on the planet SWTOR and said this was $250mill minimum they would call me a lier.

  4. someGuy says:


    Directors’ bonuses (boni?), duh. They need to plan for that chalet they will be warming up in the Appalacheans 90 days after game release.

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