TW: Warhammer -What saving the world really gets you

Quick little ‘news’ report out of TW: Warhammer.

As the Vampire Counts, I had finally eliminated the Empire, capturing the capital city of Altdorf. This was possible in some part because the forces of Chaos were running wild in the north, and had not only killed off many of the lesser human factions, but significantly weakened the Empire itself.

Problem was, now with the Empire gone, the forces of Chaos were now my problem. And as luck would have it, their main armies were headed right for the recently-captured city of Altdorf. My main general, Heinrich Kemmler, was just returning from his quest to reclaim one of his weapons, but before he could get into Altdorf itself, he was attacked by Chaos. His army was wiped out, but not before inflicting heavy casualties. Similarly, my main leader, Mannfred von Carstein, was also caught out in the field before reaching Altdorf, and again when down fighting.

The heavily weakened Chaos forces sieged and attack Altdorf, and after a bloody battle all along its famous walls and courtyards, the ‘good guys’ (evil Vampires) prevailed. In a quick counter-attack, the remaining Chaos forces, including their leader, were defeated in the field, giving the Old World some respite from their terror.

It was at this time that both the Dwarves and Bretonnians, having sat out the Chaos problem, decided to declare war on the Vampires. Such is the ‘reward’ for saving the world in Warhammer…

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8 Responses to TW: Warhammer -What saving the world really gets you

  1. anon says:

    Completely unrelated, but any passing words on Darkfall’s demise?

  2. Jeromai says:

    And just when you’re in the middle of, or finishing up, showing those ungrateful bastards the error of their ways, expect Grimgor’s multiple stacks of doom to come knocking at your Sylvanian castles…

    …at least they’ll provide plenty of zombie fodder.

    • SynCaine says:

      In that game the orcs got crushed by the dwarves. In another game, the greenskins also got crushed, but a savage orc tribe is currently the strongest faction. Its really fascinating how differently the world itself seems to play out game-to-game!

  3. weritsblog says:

    Stop Syncaine! I don’t have time for another game :)

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s pretty easy, stop playing everything, load up TW:Warhammer, profit.

      Its working pretty well for me, Far Harbor can wait.

  4. Particlebit says:

    On my VC campaign, I’ve got the same exact problem brewing. War with Empire that is taking a toll, but with a Chaos banner rampaging down from the north. Hopefully they get distracted for a second or two…

  5. Pendan says:

    First game purchase for me in 2 years (and finally have a steam account). Just on turn 21 of first campaign but won an attack last night on a orc walled city where the computer game me no chance in the starting screen. All my units were way down but all had at least 1 alive. Was fun squeaking out a victory against the odds.

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