Pillars of Eternity: Two great moments so far

Spoiler Alert for Pillars of Eternity, unless you are to at least to chapter 3 or don’t care about spoilers, don’t continue reading.

Two scenes so far have really stuck out to me, the first being the Watcher you talk to in the keep (I suck with names, sorry) who is all crazy, and the second is when the traveling soul moves through the flesh golems in the mental institute (again more name problems).

I like the first scene a lot because it gives you a potential glimpse into your future and why being a Watcher isn’t all roses. Combined with everything else you know up to that point about how souls come back and all that, the whole thing just really worked for me and drove the point home. Plus the voice acting was fantastic and for whatever reason, I wasn’t expecting that turn in terms of who the older Watcher would be. I also think it really helped that this was the scene before the keep unlock and gaining access to the endless dungeon, two piece of content that are also amazingly awesome.

I liked the second scene because while it wasn’t a full reveal, it moved the story along significantly and was again not what I expected. I expected to go in and gather some clues about the Key organization, not to come face to face with who I expect is the big bad AND to see one of his unique powers at work. I also liked that it tied into the animancer’s struggles with his experiments well. Its rough enough that these guys are playing around with souls, they really don’t need a traveling soul intentionally screwing with them, and that happening made it easier to side with them and not just default to that they are all evil bastards.

I’ve talked to a few people who aren’t finding the story gripping in PoE. Those people are like an alien species to me just based on what I’ve seen so far, and I can’t wait to see where things go.

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4 Responses to Pillars of Eternity: Two great moments so far

  1. Halycon says:

    I liked the tower quest in Defiance Bay, in the undead section of the city. But I haven’t finished Chapter 2 yet. I got to the end of it over the weekend, haven’t had time to play since.

    • SynCaine says:

      That tower quest was very good indeed, I think the best part was it looked like a random side quest, and ended up revealing some pretty critical information and what I assume to be an important decision at the end.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    My problem with that area was that the missing sentries fight kicked my ass at level 5, and then again when I went in at level 6, so I continued with the story thinking I’d come back later, but now I’m locked out of the city, so that quest is still clogging up my journal. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go back later as the story progresses farther.

    I’m in Act 3 now, but haven’t actually started it yet. I’ve been uncovering the map and exploring, finished my stronghold up and have been hunting bounties, that kind of stuff. I’m just shy of level 9 and the remaining bounties should pop me over, and I want to get there before moving on.

  3. JHO says:

    My only frustration is not being able to kill some of the scumbag npcs that you can soul read. ‘The Vulture’ springs to mind.

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