Massive Chalice

:Throws money at screen:

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7 Responses to Massive Chalice

  1. sleepysam says:

    Ditto – TBS on a mac… yes please.

  2. Tahna Rouspel says:

    The problem I have is that the basic tier that gives you the game doesn’t give you anything else. What’s the advantage of financing that tier? I’m better off simply buying the game when it is released.

  3. tithian says:

    Although it isn’t really clear, I’m willing to bet that the game will cost more on release, probably +5-10$

  4. Ranzal says:

    Seriously… Anything that harkens back to an oldschool FFT playstyle would have me engrossed instantly!!! please, Please, PLEASE make this happen! This is the first thing I have ever kickstarted because it just seems way too good to be true. The Bloodline idea, and retiring heroes, etc. is an amazing idea!

  5. Derrick says:



  6. sleepysam says:

    Did anyone else that gave $$ get a pile of spam soon thereafter? Just wondering if that was the connection.

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