SOE: This is not the dying-trend clone you are looking for

What are many gamers sick of? Zombies. Specifically DayZ-clone zombies. This sentiment will only grow as more and more clones get dumped out.

What is SOE working on? A DayZ clone poorly titled H1Z1!

Do you SOE, do you!

PS: Pitching a DayZ clone as the “welcome home” for pre-NGE SWG fans previously screwed by SOE is such a giant middle finger to that fan base I’m actually surprised even the tone-deaf SOE did it. Just next level trolling. Hate to but have to respect it.

PPS: Sorry about the title of the blog, but sometimes you just gotta take a swing when someone throws you a meatball, even from the meatball king that is SOE.

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8 Responses to SOE: This is not the dying-trend clone you are looking for

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  2. Dril says:

    In its defense (and ignoring the SWG references since it means absolutely nothing to me) if they do it well it could actually be pretty good. I mean DayZ is still pretty much a lovable shitheap (how they can justify using the same shitty engine yet not have vehicles, tents etc, not to mention actual new mechanics, is beyond me) that’s ready to be pushed aside by someone doing it way better.

    SOE delivering something that is actually worth playing is of course the real issue. Especially if TTK is really low and they make it accessible (then again that’d be pointless, since all the people who need accessibility are already cowering in their boots and crying about a gankfest at the thought of impactful PvP) whilst fucking up the atmosphere then it’ll be dead in the water.

    Still, it’s all fun and games simply because of all the comments and blogposts the announcement has catalysed. So much delicious DayZ hate.

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  4. tithian says:

    They mentioned that servers will have different rulesets. If they make a PvE one, Zombies or not, I could see myself being engaged in it, if it’s a good sandbox.

  5. Raelyf says:

    To be fair, I don’t think players are so much sick of zombies and DayZ clones as they are sick of bad DayZ clones. I suspect there’s a huge number of people who would love to play a good zombie apocalypse MMO.

    Of course, ‘good’ isn’t something I’m expecting from SOE.

    • Rammstein says:

      +1, this is true for nearly every example of ‘dying-trend’ that I can think of, as well. If people were really sick of the game which inspired the trend, then they wouldn’t try the clones. But they always do, and find them lacking, because clones are clones. Clone = bad copy of a good game. Remake = good copy of a bad game. Trainwreck= bad copy of a bad game.

  6. To be fair, DayZ is more Counter-Strike then it is MMO. All manner of new mechanics are suddenly introduced on the scale of MMOs (as are its challenges). Yet comparing the two merely because they share a genre and the ability to kill each other is like comparing Call of Duty to World of Tanks (or Planetside 2).

  7. I wouldn’t say people are already sick of Zombies yet, but there are only so many Zombie “survival’ type game the market can support at one time. Yes, it is starting to get saturated very fast.

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