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EVE: Day one lessons not learned for 11 years

There are easily dozens of “How to make an MMO” design lessons in this combat report from TAGN, but clearly the biggest one is that in EVE, a new player is able to not only see advanced content, but meaningfully … Continue reading

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Clash of Clans – Clan Wars make you care

Quick update on Clash of Clans, which I’m still really enjoying. Clan Wars were recently added, and so far they have been great. They take the core gameplay of attacking another player’s village with your troops, and add more weight … Continue reading

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ESO: Turn right, always turn right

This image, showing just how often ESO uses the same layout for dungeons, is a great illustration of why what worked well in Skyrim doesn’t work as well in ESO. It’s almost part of the IP that you reuse stuff … Continue reading

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Eador: True multiplayer has finally arrived!

Almost a year ago I wrote about Eador: Masters of the Broken World, praising the game overall but noting the lack of full multiplayer. Well a year later that critical option has finally been added, and I’m pretty excited to … Continue reading

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