The day the pilot died

Sad to hear Jester is retiring from blogging. His blog quickly shot up to my daily ‘must read’ list, and his content quality and quantity was second-to-none. He was also my easy-access window into the deeper side of EVE design and discussion, which to me was very important. Sad day indeed.

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3 Responses to The day the pilot died

  1. hevy says:

    Oh wow, that IS sad. Jester was a great blogger, for sure, kept me interested in EVE nearly every day at work. As most people have said, I didn’t always agree with Jester, but it was always a well thought out idea if he blogged it.

  2. sid6.7 says:

    I found Jester was (or rather is) an excellent commentator on the evolution the EvE community. His best posts often had a historical point of view that even a non-EvE player would “get”.

    This and recent posts over at TAGN have got me thinking a bit about my own decline in blogging. I only blog when I have things to say and I often don’t write a ‘repeat’ post unless my position on a topic evolves or changes.

    For example, I still have the same opinions on RMT and F2P that I wrote about back when Allods was F2P news. I could regurgitate that opinion for page views the next time a F2P game shows up but since I write for me and I already wrote it once, I don’t feel the motivation to write it again.

    It’s rare these days that a truly ‘new’ topic comes up that I feel compelled to write about. Oddly enough, there were things that I did want to write about that were about things I experienced in a major leadership role in a large clan. But, politically, I couldn’t write about them and they went unsaid.

  3. zaphod6502 says:

    I really enjoyed his FOTW and KOTW series. It gave me a much deeper insight as to how the game mechanics work in EVE and the larger meta of the game. I also enjoyed his coverage of major events in the game.

    What I will miss a lot less are his silly anti-Goonswarm rants and his strange fixation on trying to carebear the game (the Erotica1 incident). I think it was almost as if he was setting himself to fade into obscurity in recent months.

    I do hope he returns to blogging.

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