Trion being Trion: Player taking down servers at will

Oh Trion.

On the plus side, this guy taking down the servers is ultimately doing humanity a great service by helping everyone else get off this failtrain.

What great adventure will Trion take us on next? Perhaps ‘accidentally’ leave GM-mode on for a few hours without a rollback?

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9 Responses to Trion being Trion: Player taking down servers at will

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    I guess they just want to make someone else look good. They are well on their way to make EA look… acceptable. :P

  2. theoddfielding says:

    I used to see this guy on the WoW forums. He took their servers down all the time too.

  3. Jenks says:

    The first few pages of that were a pretty fun read. All the people calling him a bullshitter unless he took another server down, followed by mass hysteria/worship of him when he did.

  4. Wait when they will start teleporting your ships onto mountains like they do in Russia without any Trion involvement

    Is not Trion
    Is the game.. Completely unprepared for hackers

  5. And the main reason for all that shit is actually simple

    Complete morons in localization teams across the world

    You see in Korea you need a passport to register the online game account (as far as I remember). So as a developer u can easily identify the bad guy and punish him. You can skip on investing into protection in Korea.

    In USA and Russia your user is anon.

  6. bhagpuss says:

    Thanks for the link. That thread passed a very amusing half hour over lunch.

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