Trion bring Trion: Even I don’t care at this point

Blah blah blah Trion being Trion, blah blah blah.

Even when failing Trion is boring me now. Sad times all around.


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  1. carson63000 says:

    God, they can’t even get the easy things right.

    I could have told them literally YEARS ago that the guaranteed reaction to giving handouts to former customers is an absolute shitstorm of rage from the few CURRENT customers they still have. Every single game develop that has tried this “common strategy” has encountered the same reaction..

    ..but then again, the fact that it keeps happening probably means that it DOES lure back former customers, and the downside is only impotent forum rage, not actual lost business.

    • Ah yes, I remember the EverQuest/EverQuest II Living Legacy shitstorm of ’08, where former players got gifts and free play all summer and subscribers got bupkiss. Plenty of precedent out there.

  2. Trego says:

    The worst thing in this debacle is that they appear to have handed out 50-100 of these bonus packs to current customers who complained enough to customer support; which will incentivize people slamming customer support with fake complaining anytime anything happens again ever. Seriously, have you ever heard of any other MMO empowering customer support to randomly give out 200$ in p2w bullshit to random customers who complain enough, even though it affected everyone in the entire game equally?

    • SynCaine says:

      I don’t know if Trion does it intentionally because they really don’t care about the in-game economy, or if they are so stupid that they don’t realize flooding the game with cash-shop generated goods ruins it, but either way its pretty amazing how poorly they handle everything.

      • Trego says:

        Well, I don’t agree there, the AA economy is so imbalanced that it has been overall improved by flooding it with cash-shop generated goods–as the cash shop goods have been given more thought than the rest of the economy–although the massive fluctuations caused by the flooding of different goods every month still leave it much behind the kind of economy EVE has. It’s more the customer service side of things that keeps going wrong; and I’m pretty sure it is due to making mistakes and not to not caring. Trion just hired a new head producer, and things are actually improving in a lot of respects, so I’m kinda willing to chalk this up as growing pains for the new regime. it is slowly changing to being less p2w and more paying for appearance; but don’t get me wrong, it’s still very very p2w. It just seems, from my viewpoint, that the new guy in charge, Khrolan, in getting put of this game where every change has to be negotiated with XL, is trying to steer the titanic away from the iceberg with an oar–and given those constraints, was doing rather ok. That’s why I’m sad to see them make this mistake, which appears to be 100% on them and not XL.

        Here’s the economy of archeage in a nutshell: massive gear curve in power, with the gear determined by a huge shortage in one type of crafting reagent, archeum. It’s a lot different than when you played, Syn, land is cheap now, points are cheap, stabilizers are cheap. Everything is now cheap, except archeum. The way in which Archeage is excessively p2w is mainly by people buying PLEX ( I mean APEX) and selling them for gold. So far, that’s not any different from EVE; the difference is that they then trade the gold for crafted gear which lasts forever and is way overpowered. Nothing needs to be changed in the item shop to make AA less p2w, the only change that really needs to be made is more archeum–and that’s the one thing that XL appears to be very resistant to changing, as it was intentionally left low to fuel more APEX sales. here’s the central irony of the situation: if trion sold a bunch of archeum in the item shop, which is basically the kind of p2w thing that seems naively bad, it would have the actual effect on the game of making it less p2w, as gear would become cheaper and more equally distributed. Of course, item destruction/loss on death would have the same effect, but AA isn’t really designed with that in mind.

  3. Jenks says:


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