CoC: Supreme Cream Season 1 is in the books

(Text and stats by Delpez)

Supreme Cream Performance Season 1

For the last couple of months I’ve been tracking a number of war metrics to measure our performance. No stats were gathered for mismatches in our favor – my loose cut-off is that the opposing clan should score at least 2 stars per base for a war to count. I follow a seasonal approach in order to reset things once in a while, with every season lasting ten wars. With the win against Las Sombrachou we’ve reached the end of Season 1, and here are the results.

I’ve broken things down by TH level – players leveling during the season pose a bit of a problem, but I grouped them where they ended the season and it didn’t make much difference to the results. Also, I only considered players who participated in at least five wars. Finally, we only have a couple of TH10’s and TH7’s, so I haven’t listed performances for those TH levels here. However, for those and other results here is a link to the performance file (I think it can be opened with Google Sheets or Excel in order to work with the numbers):


Bleeds are the number of times a base is attacked after the first – in other words, how many attacks were wasted on that base.

TH8 Bleeds

Caldazar 3.4
Claudius 2.6
Zelazny 2.3
MattyC 2.3
Saucelah 2.1
RogerRabbit 2.1
Jenks 2.0

TH9 Bleeds

Kryss 1.2
Malcolm Renolds 1.1
Jonneh 1.0
Lui Klea 1.0
Vorash 0.9

The discrepancy between TH8 and TH9 bleeds is because TH8 bases are usually attacked until a 3-star is achieved, while TH9 bases are usually attacked only once (unless that attack was a failure). Having said that, Caldazar’s base is drawing a huge amount of unsuccessful attacks from good clans. Most of the TH8’s on the list are relatively low in war rankings, thus they are often ranked with players with only dragon attacks. Once TH8 opponents get access to Hogs and GoWiPe the number of bleeds also decreases. Still, our lower TH8’s contribute a lot by soaking up enemy attacks.

At TH9 the number of bleeds is a lot lower (average of 0.6 bleeds per war), but Kryss’ base is doing extremely well. All the others on the list are lower war-ranked TH9’s (Jonneh was until recently), but Kryss is usually ranked against their top 10. Drawing an extra attack per war from the enemy is a decent return at TH9.


Holds are the number of stars a player managed to hold onto at the end of the war – basically how hard it is to 3-star the base.

TH8 Holds

RogerRabbit 0.38
Zelazny 0.33
Jani 0.33
Claudius 0.30
Jenks 0.30
Ellroy 0.30
Sunette29 0.30
Siouxsie.Q 0.30

As stated before, TH8 bases are usually attacked until a 3-star is achieved, so the holds are quite low. However, holding onto a star every third war is not a bad return, especially considering TH9’s nuking down to clean up.

TH9 Holds

Exile 1.00
Kryss 0.90
NatoGhost 0.90
Mikrakov 0.90
Syncaine 0.89

This time around most of the holds are from high level TH9 bases, except for Mikrakov who build his X-Bows two-thirds through the season. Kryss’ base is the only to feature on both the Bleed and Hold lists.


Closer stars are awarded to the player who scored the most stars against a base in a war. In case of a tie, closer stars are awarded to the first player who scored those stars. The total refers to all closer stars, irrespective of the TH level being attacked.

TH8 Total Closer

Caldazar 4.9
Sunette29 3.8
Alistair 3.0
Ellroy 2.9
Jani 2.8

At TH8, you need to get 3-stars with your attacks, otherwise someone else will clean up the base and take the closer stars. Caldazar has an amazingly high closer rate, averaging almost five stars per war (six is the maximum). Sunette29 is also doing pretty well at almost four stars per war, most of them against mid to high level TH8’s. There are some players in the 3 star range, but after that the number drops off quickly to below 2.5.

At TH9 I’ve decided to separate players who attack down a lot (cleaning up) from those who predominantly attack other TH9 bases – the cut-off is at 25% attacks against lower level bases. Note that we need both these groups; new (rookie) TH9’s are expected to clean up after TH8 bases, while more experienced TH9’s should take care of other TH9 bases (although they sometimes do hit down if needed).

Rookie TH9 Total Closer

SleepySam 4.30
Saate 3.60
Syn Alt 3.60
Lui Klea 3.59
Trego 3.11

These guys dominate the lower TH9 and TH8 level. However, our TH8’s are getting better at scoring 3-stars, so clean-up attacks are becoming less common in the last couple of wars.

Veteran TH9 Total Closer

NatoGhost 4.00
Mikrakov 4.00
Jonneh 3.44
Delpez13 3.30
Syncaine 3.00
JHO 2.90
Draconis 2.88

I really couldn’t separate Nato and Mikra – their stats are exactly the same! To give an indication of how impressive their numbers are, only Sleepy in the clean-up squad scored higher in closer stars.


This is just what it says – how many stars (not closer) a player scores against same level bases. This basically says how good you are, whereas closer stars track how efficient you are.

TH8 Same Level Stars/Attack

Caldazar 2.54
Sunette29 2.50
Ellroy 2.20
Jani 2.13
Jon 2.05

Once again, Caldazar and Sunette29 have the best TH8 offensive stats. After the players on this list there are some at 2.00 and then a steep drop-off. This is a potential area of improvement – if you are struggling to average 2-stars against TH8 bases, the step-up to TH9 is going to be severe.

TH9 Same Level Stars/Attack

SleepySam 2.10
NatoGhost 2.10
Mikrakov 2.10
Jonneh 2.06

These are the only players averaging more than 2 stars per attack against TH9’s. There are a number of players above 1.5, but more than half our TH9’s are averaging less than 1.5 stars per attack on TH9 bases. This is definitely an area we need to work on, as most of our current losses are because of our inability to attack TH9 bases. However, I do believe we’ve improved quite a bit since I’ve started tracking the numbers. Our TH9’s are getting much better at securing 2-stars first up, but we do need to work on the higher risk/reward 3-star strategies if we want to compete with the better clans.

Well, that’s it for now. Congratulations to the players who made these lists – you are now our benchmarks! Please follow the link to see how you rate against your peers, and analyze the attacks and bases of the players listed here so we can improve as a clan. Going forward I will also analyze how the clan perform against these metrics, by tracking the averages per peer group.

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14 Responses to CoC: Supreme Cream Season 1 is in the books

  1. Caldazar says:

    Maybe we want to copy this to the forum as well, and boost some traffic there? If we can get the forum more integrated it can become quite a bonus

    • SynCaine says:

      Created a thread on the forum, good reminder, thanks.

    • Jonneh says:

      I was just about to write the same thing.

      This is really good Delpez, will be interesting in seeing how I manage further up the table now a baseline has been set. I think I have stepped up to the next level and about the correct time to give a fair comparison.

      I think we will continue to see small numbers for the th9 range until some of the rushed bases balance out a bit more, none of the th8 we have at the moment look like they are about to start skipping tiers though so I think we only have a small weakness in our setup.

      For any th8 reading, skip getting the xbow for a while, your life will be a whole lot easier.

  2. Mikrakov says:

    Damn it, that last war cost me the win. This is a competition, right???

    I would say one thing about what helped me with the transition to TH9 is that I made a conscious decision to not attack TH8s unless needed for cleanup in a close war. For example I noticed in this latest war that we won easily a few 9s still attacked down. As fun as it is to bash up an 8, you really don’t learn anything from it. Throw yourselves in the deep end!

  3. Jonneh says:

    I learned from our last war that the upgrade of dragons to level 4 doesn’t make them relevant haha

    • SynCaine says:

      lvl 4 dragons just means you can now donate max lvl drags for the CC. That’s… about it.

    • Mikrakov says:

      There is a strat doing the rounds called “suicide dragons”, which involves using 1-2 dragons to take out an exposed queen on a lavaloon attack. Gotta be a quite specific base for it to work though.

  4. sleepysam says:

    Proof that being stuck at th8.5 for a long time makes your stats look really good. Great writeup and good information.

  5. Jenks says:

    This is really awesome, great job.

    I finally got lvl 4 hogs and have been kicking ass with them, I wish I (TH8) maxxed them before GoWiPe because I’m loving them. Should be a lot more successful offense out of me at least until the eventual TH9 upgrade.

    • Delpez says:

      Most of the top clans insist on upgrading Hogs to lvl 4 at TH8 before anything else. Unless AD’s are weak, Hogs are their go to attack at TH8. Very few of our players use Hogs, and I think it’s something we should practice more, especially in easier wars like the last one.

      • Kobeathris says:

        I think the thing with Hogs at TH8 is that they have a chance for the 3 star against a decent TH9, where gowipe attacks are looking at 2 stars against TH9… BUT, gowipe is much more reliable against other TH8s.

  6. Ellroy says:

    Hogs, yes! Almost forgot about them ;-)

    I will stay in th8 a few weeks longer while upgrading the rest of my walls. Regarding troops I’m only missing L2-Valks. Gonna give Hogs a try then while feeling quite comfortable with GoWiPe by now…

    • SynCaine says:

      I would practice hogs at TH8, since they still work at TH9, but have the added complexity of needing a kill squad for the queen, while vs a TH8 you can basically straight hog if you can work around any potential double big bombs.

  7. JHO says:

    Love the stats Delpez, great work mate. Internal competition will be an excellent motivator.

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