CoC: Significant changes lead to significantly more fun

Clash of Clans has changed somewhat significantly recently, and IMO is a more fun game now than prior to the updates. The big changes that effected everyone was the reworking of how village shields work, and how you get loot from raids. Combined, these changes have resulted in normal farming attacks being far more interesting, and on the flip side this means having a solid setup to your village defenses is more important than ever (plus you get to see how it does vs full attacks, so you should always be tweaking weaknesses).

The village shield change works like this: prior to the change as soon as you attacked, you lost your full shield. Now when you attack you lose 3 hours off your shield, which means off a single shield you can get 2-3 attacks in if you are active (shield are typically 12-16 hours long). It also means you don’t feel a negative sting if you have time to attack and still have 5+ hours on your shield. Under the old system it might have been better not to attack, while under the new system attacking is almost always the correct option. A game improving to make playing the game NOT the wrong choice, imagine that!

The loot changes are also significant. There is now a ‘daily’ task (it’s not really daily, as the 24 hour timer starts when you finish the task, regardless of how long it takes to do so) that rewards you with bonus loot when you get five stars (a full base destruction is 3 stars, 50% and the town hall is 2 stars, and 50% destruction OR the town hall are 1 star). Additionally the bonus loot for a successful attack (based on your trophy count) also scales with destruction, maxing out at 80% destruction of the base. This means if you only destroy say 50% of the base, it will count as a successful attack, but you will only earn one star for the daily, and a reduced amount of league bonus loot.

The loot changes (along with a few other tweaks) have resulted in the elimination of “Town Hall sniping” (a base would have its town hall undefended, the attacker would kill just that. Defender got a shield and didn’t lose much loot, attacker got a win without using a lot of troops), meaning both attackers and defenders now contend with full attacks. In a way, normal Clash gameplay is now similar to Clan War attacks, in that you prepare fully for them and do your best, rather than relying on putting your town hall outside (for defense) and only hitting derpy bases (for offense) or sniping town halls.

The downstream effect of all of this is that Clash is now a ‘harder’ game as you progress. Since its more important now to protect your loot with a solid base, those who don’t design them suffer more, and those who can’t make proper attacks don’t earn as much loot, slowing progress. I think this is good because it pushes everyone to become a better player, and to explore the depths of Clash strategy, which are very deep indeed. Plus the lower town hall levels are still rather easy, so new players aren’t hit with the full depth right away. It’s just no longer possible to progress at a rapid pace in the upper TH8 and above space if you just derp it up.

Programing note: We have 2-3 spots open in our clan. Ideally you should have a near-maxed TH7 or above, are able to war twice a week, and have the capacity to learn and improve. Clan is “Supreme Cream!”, mention the blog when applying.

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6 Responses to CoC: Significant changes lead to significantly more fun

  1. Dotcalm says:

    I stopped playing when I left (I just didn’t get troop behaviour and spending months upgrading walls just left me cold) but I don’t see how these changes eliminate sniping. If anything, it encourages players to leave their TH out in the open and centralize and defend their storages even more.

    I do like the shield change though. I might have been willing to attack more often if it had been true when I did play. I just don’t have the time to spend an hour+ babysitting my base waiting for troops to rebuild.

    I guess you can see why I prefer Boom Beach. No walls. More direct control over troop behaviour, and I can chain attacks together in 30 mins if I’m doing well.

    • Kobeathris says:

      You don’t get a shield unless the opponent destroys a certain % of your base, and deploys a certain % of their army. Also, I believe the TH is worth more loot now. So leaving it out means you lose, lose loot, and get no shield.

    • Caldazar says:

      It eliminates sniping because townhall destruction gives the attacker a star, but doesnt give a shield. You get shields now for 30%, 60% and 100% destruction (in non wars).
      Also the TH counts as a storage now.

      So leaving TH out and getting sniped will give attack a star and resources, and the defender will not get a shield

  2. Mikrakov says:

    I have been enjoying the changes a fair bit too, doing queen walks during farming has kept that part of the game fresh for me. However, if you visit the CoC forums it seems like there are a hell of a lot of disgruntled players. I think the new changes with the loot cart will go some way to placating them, but it seems SuperCell did piss off a fair chunk of their userbase with the changes.

    • SynCaine says:

      I think any time you make anything harder, even if it ultimately makes the entire experience more fun, people will initially react to it negatively. Most people have a hard time seeing changes long-term.

      People would cheer if Supercell reduced the cost and time of everything by 50%, or made loot 100% easier to get, but both those changes would make the game worse and in the end result in fewer people playing CoC.

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