Kingdom Conquest tips

A lot of people have the same questions about Kingdom Conquest, so rather than typing them out on my iPhone, I’ll just put some info up here.

First and most importantly, always work towards a quest goal, as they will give you a very nice boost in resources as you complete them. The highest quests I got up to on world 7 were the 1000 resource ones, which gave (I believe) 3500 of each resource. I also got up to conquering a level 4 territory (which was very tough), so they seem to go on for quite a while.

Related to the above, try to focus on increasing your resource gains before really working on monsters and units. The building needed to increase unit size beyond 4.0 (the starting size) is very expensive, and you will also need another building before that to open up the middle (rear) slot. Before you go after that, try to get AT LEAST 1000+ of each resource coming in, preferably 1500+.

One final note about resources: level up your warehouse until it can hold 7900 resources (level 5 I believe), or higher if you don’t play daily. This will prevent resources from being ‘wasted’ when you cap out. This is especially important when completing quests, because if a reward puts you over your current limit, the excess will be wasted.

For monsters, you want to keep the count as low as possible at all times to free up food income. This means that when you gain a new monster from a pack, you should use it to attack a level 2 territory. It likely won’t win, but it will drop its count to 1, and also earn it some XP. The other option  you have is to synthesize the monster, which can be useful to skill up your ‘main’ monsters primary skill or to give it new ones (there are quests explaining this)

As the goal of the game is to capture towers, look around your starting area and start grabbing land in the direction of the tower. Wait to build your base (also explained in a quest) until you are one square away from a tower, as this will cut down on travel time/fatigue when attacking. If you have an aggressive neighbor, position your base accordingly.

The ‘best’ starter unit I’ve found is a goblin archery as the leader, and a goblin warrior at the front. The warrior is a 2.5 count monster, while the archery has range 3 and is 1.5 count, giving you a maxed out 4.0 unit. Both can usually be found on the auction house for cheap, and are also fairly common in packs. The 2.5 lizard unit is also very strong, and likewise can be paired with an archer. Try to use this unit as often as possible, as you will have quests asking you to conquer higher and higher level territories.

Items from packs: You can’t sell or trade the weapons/shields/rings you get, so as soon as you no longer need something, it’s best to trash it (warehouse, little trash icon on the card itself) to reduce clutter.

When doing the dungeons, it’s always best to wait for 4 people, as this will ensure you finish and get the two pack bonus, plus cut down the amount of time it takes to clear one out. 3 is usually fine if things are slow.

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  1. Jaggins says:

    I created a subreddit for any Redditors playing KC.

  2. Vodun says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong (which I could be) but I’m 99% sure that the towers needed to win the game are the 7 red dots on the overview map (the button on the bottom left when your in map mode). So all the tower scattered all over the place aren’t the objective to win but they open more dungeons for you to explore.

    • SynCaine says:

      That could make sense. Never even attacked a lvl 1 tower on World 7, and not close to one on world 9 now. But the red dots thing makes sense.

    • Jaggins says:

      The red towers are for winning the game. The others each give your Alliance access to an extra “special” dungeon per day.

      I am next to both a level one and a level 2 tower. I should have claimed territory next to both for forts in a few days.

    • SynCaine says:

      I saw on our world that the 0,0 tower is surrounded by the #1 alliance, although they have yet to crack the level 7 mountains around it. The only other tower I checked is in similar shape, although with less territory controlled near it. Sadly the closest one is like 200+ squares away from me, which is a LOT of bases :)

      Working towards a level 1 tower now, need a base near it before I try to attack it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Monster count of tower units stays the same regardless of distance traveled. I suggest building up some high speed units to path your way to the tower. And then bomb it with your main from your castle. Side note, also for pvp, high speed is almost a necessity. And skill lvl is very important as well.

  3. Vodun says:

    That’s the only thing that’s “broken” (for lack of better words) about this game so far. They should have the towers random placed around the world and not in set locations around the middle of the map.

  4. Torcano says:

    Is it too late to get in that alliance? In terms of you guys being fairly advanced by now.

    • SynCaine says:

      Naw, join up. The initial build-up is kinda quick, and really slows down after a few days. Either way you will still be contributing, so no worries.

  5. iPher says:

    I’m iPher in world 7 and nobody seems to be playing there anymore… Where y’all at??

    • Zaphiro says:

      i still there playing everyday, but since the world is reseting almost everybody is waiting on that to go back playing…

  6. gbradley says:

    I havent been playing long but in two worlds currently and u can sell back unused weapons, shields, and rings after u accept them,go to your status page, open warehouse, then u can select all or each item, once that item is selected on the left side there is an icon next to the “attack ##” click on the icon and u can sell it for crystals, hope that helps.

  7. Anonymous says:

    guys i have a question,

    how can you add members to your alliance?

  8. Billy says:

    Hi everyone, I have a question, I’m trying to attack satan with my alliance and after I send one of my units to a lvl one area outside of Satan I win it but after my unit returns it dosnt come up as my land . I attacked the same land a secon time and the same outcome happened? In at a loss

    • Anonymous says:

      you can only keep lands that you conquer if they are already touching a land you already own.

  9. Anonymous says:

    question guys, what do range do with your monsters, where can i find some explanations regarding the battle system…

    • Joe says:

      I would love to see a good answer to this. An explanation of the stats system would be excellent!

    • Anonymous says:

      Range describes how many spaces ahead a monster can attack. The entire tutorial is too long to post here. Visit the Wiki page for more info. Google Kingdom Conquest Wiki

  10. Sean says:

    How many dungeons can I do? And how can I expand that count without paying from the store?
    It seems I can only do one every so often ( a long wait )

  11. joshua says:

    do u guys know how long it takes for a new world to come out, my allaince got taken out and we are waiting for the new world bet it seems like its taking for ever

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi nice tips! Kotzt from world 68

  13. glazer says:

    I am new to the game love it so far. Play on my Android tho. Anyways question. How do I figure out my reign? It keeps telling me I can’t build a base camp on nearby areas I’ve taken, because my reign is to low, how do I check it and raise it?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t listen to half of the stuff that this guy posted. He clearly doesn’t know how to play the game yet, I’m sure he looked back on this post in horror once he figured it all out. Go to the KC Wiki page, it has all the info you need. Glazer, level up your Hero Statue, it accelerates your reign gain. Also, build a Hero Statue on each fort, the bonuses will stack.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Joshua, your alliance can get free. If you can find someone friendly to take you over it will release you from your current parent alliance and then they can release you or allow you to merge with their alliance. And if you’d like to know how often the worlds spawn, look at the beginning date of each world and establish a pattern. It’s in the world select screen.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey, we have a website opened up for English Speaking Alliances. Please come to the and apply. we’ve got tips, a chat box and the works!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Correction, this site is hosted and frequented by players on the Android server. All are welcome but you won’t be able to meet the players you find there on the actual game if you’re on the iPhone server.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you are starting a new kingdom conquest 2 account please use my invite code for bonus rewards!

    Here is my invite code for the newest invite campaign..

    1. When launching the game, select “Input Invite Code” on the Title screen.
    2. On the Input Invite Code screen, input your friend’s invite code.
    3. Clear the tutorial.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What do white squares mean?

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