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Little bit of “what I’m playing” time.

I wrapped up XCOM 2, but don’t have a whole lot else to say about it. I enjoyed the game, but I think it came out at the wrong time for me, as I wasn’t really hyped for another TBS game (too much Age of Wonders 3 and Endless Legend lately). Spoiler alert about the ending: I don’t get it. I mean I get that the Elders are dying and looking for a cure, but how does the Avatar project fit into that, and more specifically, all of the stuff said during the final mission? I do like the hint about the deep terror, though again does that fit at all into the story that was presented? (In my defense, I was incredibly sick most of the time I played, so maybe my brain missed like 90% of the story details…)

I also picked up the two DLC pieces for Cities:Skylines. More ‘stuff’ is generally always good in a city builder sim, but here the implementation isn’t perfect. The nighttime stuff is great, no complaints, but the snow addition is pretty hit/miss. On the one hand, the snow falling effect and the change to your city looks good, and the need for snow plows and seeing them clear roads is also pretty cool. The problem however is that the snow aspect only works on snow maps, and if you pick such a map, your city is always in winter time. After a bit, everything being white is kind of a pain, and ultimately I went back to a normal map. That means no snow stuff, but you still get the new trams. Decent, but hard to justify the cost of the DLC. Hopefully a future patch or even a fan mod makes winter something that comes and goes, rather than being a full-time thing (I understand currently its a technical limitation around having to change out or load so many art assets.)

Finally, I’m back playing FFXIV. As the wife won’t realistically have time to play it anytime soon, we closed her account for now and I’m moving ahead. I hit level 49 last night, and I’m very much looking forward to hitting the old level cap and finishing up the main story before moving on into the expansion.

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3 Responses to Recent gaming update

  1. Isey says:

    XCOM 2 has been my favourite game in a long time. I haven’t played any TBS (since I got Blood Bowl on Sale over a year ago?) So it fit the sweet spot of nostalgia from the old one, and the improvements over the 2012 release, plus a fresh gameplay style compared to what I have been playing lately. I haven’t finished it yet.

  2. homer2101 says:

    There’s already a mod which allows you to switch map themes, but it requires restarting C:S whenever you want to make the switch.

  3. bonedead says:

    My favorite thing about Xcom was the fan theory. Ok so you first start playing it and find out, wait, wtf? I lost? But I won! I beat the first game how dare they say I lost! The fan theory is that most people quit/restarted their first playthrough of the original game, so, we all lost. Everything that we did after that was just a combat simulation we performed while under alien control.

    I don’t really remember the ending as my graphics decided to take a shit on the last mission so I was just wading through a kaleidoscope of shit trying to fight mfkers and then when victory came, the cut scenes were also kaleidoscope bullshit. Since I was playing Ironman the save corrupted somehow and I couldn’t even reload it to see what it was supposed to look like.

    Nice to see someone else plays AoW3. Oh and Endless Legend, if you haven’t tried the bug guys yet just do it, I love those domination through domination races/classes.

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