EVE: The man who funded World War Bee

Very good read over at Polygon about who funded the war against the Imperium, and just what it took. Pretty interesting that basically one guy, who is great at making ISK (and he wasn’t selling skill books or hauling badgers like an idiot to do it), was able to successfully fund mercenaries to take down Goons.

The victory will be short-lived, and the Goons will be back, but without doubt the man made his mark on history, and will go down as the person who successfully used his ability to make huge sums of ISK and turned that into meaningful change in EVE Online.

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  1. zaphod6502 says:

    Good on him. At least it mixes things up in EVE and gives players some content. It is interesting to note though it took outside financiers to actually make things happen. Seems like many of these MBC corps are carebears at heart and are very unwilling to put their own money on the line to attack the Goons. As soon as the ISK faucet dries up let’s see how long they decide to continue this operation.

    As for the Goons this is a dream come true and assuming they take this on the chin will see them return to their roots as the annoying underdogs when they decide to retake some space (ie. the pre-BOB era).

    • Blaps says:

      Except goons wont really get to be underdogs. They are a 17.000 member corporation, and while the MBC is revealing the humiliating lack of goon fighting capabilities they will eventually return home.

      Then there won’t be a big coalition for goons to be underdogs under, then goons will again be this massive heap of ineffective useless people who only pve.

  2. Ellroy says:

    Nice stab at Gevlon, wasn’t it!?

    • SynCaine says:

      There is a bit of final comedic value in the fact that not only did someone do what he had attempted and failed to do for two years, but that with his rage-quit, his solo ‘accomplishment’ in EVE was being recognized by everyone, including CCP, as the village lunatic that he is.

      • agnasg says:

        eh… kind of unfair to say so, but, in the case of Gevlon as far as we know him, this is not an insult, it’s a compliment.

      • Malthan says:

        He did prove Gevlons point – ISK wins.

        • SynCaine says:

          ‘Gevlons point’ has been a known fact since before Gevlon even knew EVE existed. It’s something referenced even in the Great Wars book dating back to 2004.

  3. Whorhay says:

    Rock, Papper, Shotgun had a really good article about this a couple days ago.

  4. John says:

    If you define “history” as toxic IRC logs and VOIP conversations among neckbeards.

    • SynCaine says:

      That or published books available on Amazon, that got over 90k on Kickstarter.

      But yea, neckbeards…

      • Esteban says:

        Anyone and their dog can self-publish with Amazon and have a ‘published book available’ there. Although, if there is a kickstarter for some fall-of-Goons story, I wish them well. 90k is already, what, twice what the Fountain War book got before they pulled the plug?

        • SynCaine says:

          Sorry are you not aware this happened?

        • Esteban says:

          Oh, how about that. No, I am (was) not, which speaks either to my ignorance or to the degree of that book’s cultural penetration beyond interested neckbeards.

          On cursory glance, though, it seems to predate World War Bee.

  5. Buboe says:

    I love how you can twist yourself around your positions to give Gevlon a kick.
    hurts when you’re made to look a fool, doesn’t it?

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