Gevlon has promised to delete his blog

To quote the batshit insane one himself:

“So no more pundit trying to explain how he was right while everything he predicted was wrong”

Now where will the world go for tackle titan fits, how to get scammed by TEST, New Jita theory-crafting, how not to run a Corp, how to spend 4 years and completely fail to influence null beyond becoming a meme, or how to stay a bronzy in LoL?

Sad day really. The world has lost a special little treasure today.

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8 Responses to Gevlon has promised to delete his blog

  1. Caldazar says:

    Yes, Gevlon can be quite crazy.
    But that is not a quote from his blog. You took a sentence, removed works and punctuation to change the meaning completely.
    The exact sentence is: [quote]So no more liberal tears videos or laughing over “pundit trying to explain how he was right while everything he predicted was wrong” articles. [/quote]

    Your version basically means no more posts from Gevlon, his means no more social media/’news’ website copypaste nonsense.

    • SynCaine says:

      The joke here is the irony of Gevlon pointing his finger at pundits who have been wrong, when he is literally the king of being wrong while trying to convince himself he is right.

      • Buboe says:

        the joke is how green you are over Gevlon.

        • CiaphasCain says:

          OK, I have to say that I usually disagree with some of the post/comments from Syncaine but to say that He is jealous from someone that has a tantrum and quits or goes back and edits/deletes his posts every time that things don’t go as predicted or even worse (for an admitted asocial) no one admits Gevlons superiority and starts to worship him, is a bit overmuch

  2. Pequin d'écrin says:

    Gevlon was prolly the only “Eve blogger” having stated for long what was obvious : casinos were just botters isk laudering. The rest of the so-called Eve comunauty still tries to explain “Well, it was just borderline attitude from a few membars”. We still have to find one honest casino customer. Gevlon was maybe the only honest Eve blogger, and he was the first to quit. I can clearly see now why, even if I do love this game, I’ll never mess with “the communauty”.

    • SynCaine says:

      Oh yes, Gevlon was certainly the first and only person who suspected some members of IWI were selling ISK for real money. Just like he was the first to quit (Hi Jester). You got it!

  3. Mal says:

    Read today’s post. It’s a classic Gevlon, one of his best. Huge conspiracy theory about Riot fixing matchmaking, that completely misses the point that Riot admits to fixing matchmaking by making it incredibly hard to drop divisions and just kind of hard to drop tiers.

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s Gevlon’s LoL version of “hauling badgers station to station is the way to become ultra-rich in EVE, and here are some numbers to back it up!”. Truly a wonderful moment in Gevlon yet again having zero fucking clue what he is talking about, even after hundreds of games, and putting his ignorance on full display for the world to laugh at (or for the few kind lost souls that visit his blog, to try and fail to make him see just how dead wrong he is.)

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