The 0-12 irredeemable moron


Hello snowflake


23% P/Kill, same damage as support Blitz, 2.5 cs/m. 600+ games as WW.

(Yes, screenshots were needed because it’s Gevlon, so his brilliant comment would very likely go poof once this was posted. Thin-skinned closet-socials are annoying like that.)

Look at this great advice from the badger-hauling, tackle-titan pilot who has just under 1000 games of LoL played in a few months yet is still in Silver 3 (might drop to S4 again by the time you read this), all because he wouldn’t listen when people told him queue-dodging won’t get you anywhere (credit to Gevlon though, he finally just figured it out on his own, and it didn’t even take him 1000+ games to do it!), that playing only one champ is holding him back, and that maybe he should focus less on tinfoil nonsense and perhaps a bit more on learning the basics of a game he has now devoted thousands of hours to. That personal goal of reaching Gold is looking like it will join Gevlon’s EVE projects in terms of success.

Just kidding. Keep being an ‘irredeemable moron’ and putting it on display for everyone to laugh at. That’s always been far more entertaining.

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6 Responses to The 0-12 irredeemable moron

  1. Esteban says:

    I don’t play LoL, but I am guessing that the A thing is kill assists?

    Also, my own estimate of his playtime is around 350h. (About 700 games played total, roughly 0.5h/game)

    • SynCaine says:

      Yes A is assists; basically if an enemy dies and you have done anything to them in a minute or two before they die, you get an assist.

      The time estimate is a bit off. He has close to 800 ranked games played, plus all of the games needed to open up ranked play (100 or so now maybe, its been forever since I leveled up an account and they have made it faster since I did it). Each ranked game takes about 30min in-game, but the queue, champ select, and loading add another 15min at least. Gevlon also admitted that he queue-dodged multiple times per actual game played back when he thought that was smart. Lets be nice and say he dodged twice each game actually played, that basically doubles his time per game played (we’ll ignore the 5min wait after you dodge before you can queue up, and the penalty to an account that dodges often in terms of queue times, and also not count remakes).

      He’s easily over 1000h at this point.

  2. Esteban says:

    Fair enough, makes sense.

    It is not how I would have used that time, but then ‘Spaniard tries MOBA, performs no science, develops rudimentary twitch skills and situational awareness, hits plateau, gets bored, quits’ would not make for interesting blogging.

    • SynCaine says:

      You never know in terms of interest, watching/reading LoL stuff is super-popular overall, though it wouldn’t be as much comedy as “queue dodging is awesome… 4 months later…. queue dodging is stupid”, no.

  3. Shilgrod says:

    Final update tomorrow…..I cant wait

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