EVE: ISK-making update

I wrote about what I was doing in terms of ISK generation a little while ago, and now its time for an update.

Overall I have enough ISK to buy a Wyvern (Super Carrier), but I’m still at least a few weeks away in terms of skills, so that purchase hasn’t been made yet (I could just buy skill injectors, but using those still feels a little dirty to me). The good thing is Wyverns come up for sale often within the Imperium, so I doubt I’ll have to wait more than a day or so once am I ready. The short-term plan is to use it for ratting/Incursions, while converting my current ratting carrier into a combat ship. Long-term the plan is to get the Wyvrn into PvP fleets, but I won’t do that until I’ve at least become adept at PvP in the carrier.

In terms of ISK generation, things haven’t changed all that much, though they have expanded. I’m producing more items now, both T1 items via BPOs, and also T2 via invention. What is interesting about all of this, if I do the ‘start from stratch’ method, is that it takes some time to get going. First I buy a BPO in high-sec and have it shipped out to Delve. Then I research it for material and time efficiency, which depending on the BPO can be a few weeks or more. Once that is done, if I’m also going to make the T2 version of the item, I then need to create copies off the BPO, as well as train the skills (if needed) related to that invention process. I also need to buy and ship out the data cores for invention, and also some of the harder-to-produce items for T2 production.

Once all of that is done, T2 production can begin. To keep it going, I need to continue to produce the T1 version of the item, repeat the invention process, as well as importing more of the components as needed. Having more ISK to play with is a huge help here, because instead of shipping out 1-2b worth of ‘stuff’ from Jita, I’m now importing 10-20b, which means I not only need to import less, but I also have the ISK to import items that are significantly cheaper in Jita than in Delve, and simply re-list for easy profit.

In fact, my production has ramped up so much that reprocessing the drops from ratting is no longer covering mineral demand, and I’ve started buying those in Delve frequently. Luckily prices for minerals are low (thanks dozen Rorqs multiboxers!), so that hasn’t hurt the profit margin. I also do a little bit of mining when matching something on the computer, as its a super-easy mostly-afk activity, though it is funny to see how many minerals I mine (not a ton) vs how many I actually use (decent amount now). That said I’m only mining in a smaller ship, not a Rorq (I could Rorq mine, but I don’t mine enough to justify the cost and bit of training needed).

Once the Wyvern is purchased, I’ll have to find a new ISK-focused goal. I have looked into capital ship production, as that’s both great ISK and in high-demand in Delve, plus the fact that it requires a large amount of ISK to get rolling would make it a decent goal, and one that could scale up into Super and Titan production eventually.

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