PUBG: 3rd vs 1st person

I have two groups I play PUBG with. One group is mainly the old Inq guys from way back in the Darkfall days (which has since grown to a rather large network of people between my blog and Paragus streaming on Twitch), while the second group I got introduced to via blog reader and EVE buddy Mainehawk. Inq likes to play first-person, while Maine likes 3rd because he is a terrible human being. Having to switch between modes puts me in the occasional bad situation/decision, as well as constantly reminding me about the strengths and weaknesses of each mode.

Example time: In a duo with Maine, we drove up to a warehouse, where a guy from inside started shooting at us. We drive to the side of the building, and I jump out of the car. I engage the guy who was shooting us near the corner of the building, only for him to light me up and force me to run back. As I do this, his buddy comes around the other corner and starts shooting. I get knocked, but Maine goes GTA on his ass and runs him over before he can finish me.

I crawl inside the warehouse where Maine revives me as the second enemy is rounding the corner. Since we are playing 3rd person, I can see around the corner without him seeing me, so I know exactly when he is about to come around the side to shoot at me, move quickly past his vision, and kill him. In 1st person, I wouldn’t know the exact time he is coming around, which would have made that kill much harder.

Second example: Later in that same game we engage with another duo. They are by a tree, but we come from behind and down one quickly. He crawls behind the tree, and his buddy comes from the side to also duck behind the tree (potato aim on my part for not downing him as he ran in). I decide to rush the tree while Maine provides covering fire. That’s a mistake in 3rd person. In 1st person, someone behind a tree can’t see you unless you can also see/shoot them. In 3rd of course they can see around the tree while you can’t see/shoot at them, so rushing someone in that situation in 3rd person is not exactly ideal. Similar to the example above, but in reverse, here they knew exactly when I was close, and could time/aim their shots. I go down, and Maine has to finish the game solo in what was otherwise a very favorable-looking game.


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2 Responses to PUBG: 3rd vs 1st person

  1. bonedead says:

    First person master race!

  2. Maineiac says:

    Confirmed: I am indeed a terrible human being.

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