D:OS2 finished

No spoilers here, just want to note that I wrapped up Divinity Original Sin 2, final playtime being 113 hours (that’s with restarting after completing act 1).

Overall its still a great RPG, one that will be made better in the future with bug fixes and hopefully an expansion or two.

The endings are good. There are 5 major ones, with countless minor details changing based on early decisions, that do wrap up the game well enough, though I feel it was overall a little too vague for my tastes. Again perhaps an expansion gives us a bit more.

I’d actually love to play the game again right now with a different party and class composition, but I know I wouldn’t finish it, and I don’t want to burn the content too much at this point, again because I think in the future the whole experience will just be better.

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6 Responses to D:OS2 finished

  1. Particlebit says:

    I’ve heard nothing but praise for this game. While I’d definitely be inclined to play it on PC, I know it’s prequel was on console. Do you see this game being tough in spots with a controller on console?

    • SynCaine says:

      Maybe some of the UI, but even inventory management is better in DOS2 than it was in the first. Otherwise its all turn based (no twitch moments) so it should be fine.

  2. Caldazar says:

    I’m finishing up act 2 on tactical. I am around 50 hours in. I am on your curve or slower/faster?

    • SynCaine says:

      What is act 2? I don’t want to name a place in case you aren’t there yet.

      • Caldazar says:

        The entirety of the driftwood area. I just sailed to the nameless isle

        • SynCaine says:

          Ok so you have one more major area after Nameless, but both Nameless and the last area are a bit shorter than Driftwood. Guessing you will end up around 80-90hrs played, depending on if you do everything in the final area or, like me, kinda rush towards the end.

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