PUBG 1.0 initial impressions

Oh god it’s so good. So so good.

The thing about pre-1.0 PUBG was that it was amazingly fun DESPITE being full of bugs and lacking optimization. The bugs created a lot of charming videos and reactions, sure, but they also sucked when they happened at a key moment, or when they interrupted the limited game time you had. The lack of optimization meant reducing graphics quality, dealing with uneven FPS, and sometimes having your game ruined because a squad mate crashed or didn’t load up properly. Was PUBG worth playing pre-1.0? Absolutely, which is why tens of millions did it. But is PUBG leaps and bounds better in 1.0? Yes, yes it is.

Which in a way is scary, because PUBG was already so good. It hooked people, and then it kept them playing. It will also keep people playing. I don’t see this being a fad that passes. I see this being the next cornerstone of gaming like LoL is. And where PUBG is right now is just the beginning. Yes the new map is amazing, but it’s only one map. The next map, with all the lessons learned for the devs, will be better. And it will be released to a foundation that is more solid than it is today, and certainly more solid than it was a few weeks ago. We will get more weapons, more vehicles, hell even more game modes are going to come and keep things interesting. And that entire time, the core game, the ‘5v5 river map’ of LoL, will be the prime option, the thing that most people enjoy for the long haul.


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