The only thing worse than Yahoo mail is the fact that I still use it

As you can see in the top right corner of this blog, I still use Yahoo mail. I’ve had that account for a long, long time, and for most of its history it’s been fine. When Google mail came out, I didn’t register in time (I’ve got Syncaine1, but that 1 makes me feel like a pleb, and F whoever did steal my name on gmail), so I’ve stuck with Yahoo.

Well now Yahoo mail is a goddamn dumpster fire that is really pushing me towards using that pleb gmail account. First up, there is currently a bug that effects a ton of people where the first email in your inbox doesn’t show up on your screen in a web browser. It’s there, you can scroll up to it using the arrow keys, but you can’t actually see it on the screen. That’s a bit of a problem when 99.9% of the time the most important email in your inbox is the newest one. This has been happening for weeks now, and while Yahoo has acknowledged it, they haven’t fixed it yet.

The second bug, a more recent one, is that now the top email won’t load. When you scroll to it, it will load the title and who sent it, but will give you a spinning icon for the rest. If you click that icon, it will load the email just fine, but that click is pretty annoying. I have no doubt this bug will remain for weeks before it is fixed, if it ever actually does get fixed.

What’s REALLY insane is I pay for Yahoo mail. Granted, it’s $30 a year to remove ads, so that part of it is worth it for me, but the fact that I’m a paying customer for Yahoo and still have to deal with such basic errors that remain unfixed for so long is really, really bad. I’m not even asking to have a feature-set on par with gmail. It would be nice, but it is what it is at this point. All I’m asking for here is for the most basic functions of email, like seeing the email, to work. Get it together Yahoo!

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7 Responses to The only thing worse than Yahoo mail is the fact that I still use it

  1. “Yahoo mail is a goddamn dumpster fire”

    Let me fix that for you.

    “Yahoo is a goddamn dumpster fire”

    They are literally fucked up on all fronts and they have seemed intent on isolating themselves from the rest of the internet for the last two years, and it sucks because I have/had a lot invested in their services since the 90s. Several long term email addresses are stuck there.

    They killed off third party support for Yahoo IM, so I pretty much lost contact with a ton of friends because we used other apps like Pidgin as the Yahoo IM client is ad covered garbage. They have repeatedly made their mail interface worse and worse. They killed off push to the iOS default email app, since they want you to use their very broken, ad filled mail app on your iPhone. And don’t even get me started on what their front page looks like these days.

    There was a time when Yahoo was the most hit page on the internet, in part because they provided decent services and their front pages wasn’t covered with ads masquerading as news. Now I suspect it vies with AOL for page views, frequented by people who have some investment in an email address that they can’t bring themselves to kill off for one reason or another.

    Then again, I hate the gmail interface too. Reply and threading is just bad. But at least it works and isn’t completely overrun by ads.

  2. Ralex says:

    You own

    You can create a G Suite account and have, Gmail functionality without the tag.

    I’ve had one for so long it’s free, but I think it’s only like $5/month for the lowest level.

    • MaximGtB says:

      Yup, both G Suite and Office 365 charge $5 a month for email hosting. Hate to break it to you, Syncaine, but that part makes you more of a pleb than any suffix number ever could.

      • SynCaine says:

        Haha so true. It’s not so much how the Yahoo/Gmail account would look to the outside, its more a personal thing. I just don’t like names/accounts with numbers in them.

  3. Jenks says:

    Agree with TAGN, even Yahoo’s content has gone down the drain. Their sports section was amazing not too many years ago, but it’s a disaster now. It’s much worse since they redesigned it and let go a lot of their best writers.

    I use a yahoo email address as well and sometimes I wonder if there is a stigma attached to it, similar to how I feel when I see someone with an aol email address.

  4. Izlain says:

    Sigh… I’m in the same boat.. registered my email over a decade ago and though I now have a gmail account, most of my important stuff goes to the yahoo one. Thankfully on my phone I just use gmail and have the yahoo mail stuff filter into it as well, and I rarely check email on my computer. So I pretend I don’t have it, but I guess I really should get all my stuff moved over.

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