Snap reaction to Fallout 76 announcement

If its a full Fallout game, awesome, though West Virginia seems a bit odd for a location. Guess they can’t all be Boston though, now can they?

If its a spin-off titles using the Fallout IP, we’ll see. I could be up for a city builder of some sorta though, as others have suggested it might be. That said, if this spin-off is instead of a full Fallout or Elder Scrolls game, then that sucks.

Bethesda releasing a Fallout game now however is yet another reason to hate ESO. Give me a real Elder Scrolls game already, it’s been 7 freaking years since Skyrim!

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9 Responses to Snap reaction to Fallout 76 announcement

  1. Isey says:

    The rumours of the “online component” makes me a bit nervous as well.

    • SynCaine says:

      Reddit was joking its going to be a battlegrounds-style game, because what isn’t today?

      There was also a tweet that anyone expecting a major SRPG is going to be disappointed, which I’m hoping means a bigger version of Fallout Shelter, and not some lobby-based shooter or something.

  2. Azuriel says:

    Latest from Jason Schreier: Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG.

    In the comments, Jason says his sources also compare it to ARK.

    • SynCaine says:

      Hmm torn on this one now. On the one hand, a well-done version of ARK in the Fallout IP would be cool. On the other hand, it’s not exactly what I envision wanting in a Fallout game. We will see.

    • coppertopper says:

      Ummm don’t believe anything from Kotaku

  3. zaphod6502 says:

    Yet another battle royale game? :)

  4. cart says:

    Sorry for the off-topic, but do you remember Greedy Goblin, the guy who keeps discovering vast conspiracies in various games where he cannot succeed? It just happened again. Apparently, World of Warships is also rigged. Because he had a loss streak.

    Thought you’d get a chuckle out of it. :-)

    • SynCaine says:

      Once I found out Gevlon is a hardcore racist via his reddit posts, I stopped paying attention to him and his continued failures and crying in gaming.

  5. Kromac says:

    If it’s online only which seems to be some of the rumors i’ll pass.

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