Fallout76 going F2P is a ROUGH look

This post assumes this rumor is true, because that’s a lot more fun than waiting for boring stuff like ‘the facts’.

Assuming truth, this is a bad, bad look for Bethesda and the Fallout franchise. Consider that Bethesda has been selling various versions of Skyrim for years now (with success, otherwise they wouldn’t keep re-releasing it), and that Fallout 4 was a big hit with plenty of DLC, F76 already throwing in the towel is a steep decline. The ‘Fallout’ name alone should have carried it for a while, but I think most of that went into boosting pre-sale numbers. With that done, this move strongly suggests box sales are way down, and Bethesda sees more value now in getting people to try the game for free and hopefully spending a few bucks in the cash store. As always, no successful title goes F2P in the middle of said success; its always a move you make when things are going poorly.

Even as a free title I’m still not sure I’d bother with the game, primarily because its not on Steam. (Though I do already have the Bethesda launcher due to Elder Scrolls Legends, so maybe?)

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2 Responses to Fallout76 going F2P is a ROUGH look

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    I am still trying to get a refund for Fallout 76 (yes silly me pre-ordered). I have submitted my details to the class action case setup by Migliaccio & Rathod LLP who are currently trying to seek refunds for people. They notified me they will be proceeding with this within the next couple of months as they have had several thousand submissions which apparently is enough to get the process started.

  2. Kryss says:

    The message board i frequently visit have F76 thread with some freaks of nature who “enjoy” said game, i read about their exploits with mix of disgust and curiocity, it is like watching man eatin shit with big spoon and telling horrified watchers how good it is, smell, texture, nice brown colour…

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