Enderal: Forgotten Stories is where I want Steam to go

I downloaded the standalone Skyrim mod Enderal: Forgotten Stories this weekend. I’m not too far into it yet, but so far I like what I’ve seen, and reminds me what an enjoyable experience playing Skyrim is.

What I’m most impressed with right now is that Enderal is a separate, free download/installation on Steam, and the only requirement you need is to own Skyrim (Skyrim itself does not need to be installed). That makes getting the game so easy, and doubly so because once installed, you have a very easy-to-use setup window to config settings prior to the game itself launching. It’s just a fantastic user experience compared to installing and configuring mods yourself for Skyrim (Steam workshop makes that easier than using Nexus, but its still not nearly as easy as Enderal).

It got me wondering if this is a direction Valve can go more in, and provide better support for initiatives like this, to give it another advantage over the Epic Games Store and others. It would be a nice contrast too; while EGS is limiting choices for gamers and trying to force people’s hand, Steam is here providing easier access to free total conversion mods to everyone. I’d love for, say, a separate installation for some of the larger Mount and Blade mods. Plus those mod teams deserve the recognition of having a standalone ‘game’ on Steam.

More on Enderal itself later as I dig into it.


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5 Responses to Enderal: Forgotten Stories is where I want Steam to go

  1. Wow, this looks great. Thank you for putting it on my radar SynCaine! :)

  2. Jeromai says:

    I really need to get around to Enderal sooner than later.

    That reminds me of the Curse/Twitch launcher for Minecraft modpacks that I resisted for a long time (not one more launcher!) but ended up forced into when Feed the Beast stopped being supported. Over time, one loses interest in the nitty gritty of customising to fine grain details manually and it is just easier to click a few buttons and have everything set itself up for you.

    Discovery of new stuff can end up being a problem though, if the UI or search isn’t set up well enough. One tends to just look at the top ranking things on page 1 or 2 and stop there.

  3. Brimbor says:

    Any other stand alone mod releases like this one on Steam?

  4. Brimbor says:

    Apart from Black Mesa which I already know of and which isn’t technically a mod release

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