LoL TFT: Ranked mode is here, as others derp about

First, surprise surprise that the olds and the bads are playing the derpy inferior version of Auto-Battlers. Get gud nubs! Meet me in the REAL game if you have the balls!

Speaking of getting good, ranked queue is finally out in TFT, and I’ve been climbing my way up ever so slowly. I needed ranked play because without it, you don’t know if the strategic changes you are making are working or if you just happen to be matched up with derps for a few games. And with a game as new as TFT, the meta shifts have been swift so far, even between balance patches. Initially the go-to was to save up and leverage interest from having 50+ gold asap, but more recently being hyper-aggressive and winning early has dominated. Next week it might change again to something else.

Personally, for a minute I was on a hot streak focusing on a team of gunslingers and blademasters, who have a natural overlap with pirates. But with the popularity of assassin/ninja teams, along with glacial teams using Volly as a hypercarry, that hasn’t been working out too great unless I roll into the key champions early, and also get the key items to make it all work.

Realistically the way to improve is to become comfortable with changing up your strategy, and doing it fast. You SHOULDN’T go into a game aiming for a certain setup, but rather making the best of what the game gives you. Yet even identify WHAT the game is giving you can be tough, let alone changing things up based on what the game gives you and on what others are building. It’s a lot to compute in the short time between rounds, but that quick-thinking is part of what makes the game fun IMO.

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3 Responses to LoL TFT: Ranked mode is here, as others derp about

  1. Hey, I’m bad and old!

    For me the choice over which flavor was made by the fact that all I had to do was push a button in Steam rather than figure out Riot’s install and account creation.

    As I mentioned, there is very much a Gin Rummy vibe to the unit selection, which appeals to somebody who still actually plays a game with a real deck of cards now and then. You can’t cover all bases so you have to make a choice on what to pursue on the fly and be ready to drop it and change courses if a different opportunity appears..

    • SynCaine says:

      Being familiar with the champs and items is a HUGE help with the learning curve, and even then I still have a cheat sheet open at all times on the second monitor, hence the easy decision to play TFT for me.

      Also just by looking at videos, it seems to clearly be the best looking of the three, which isn’t a huge factor but hey, it helps.

  2. bonedead says:

    Gold 2 so far woop woop!

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