LoL TFT: Gold rank and beyond

Quick Team Fight Tactics progress update: I hit gold recently and am now in Gold 2, with the expectation of hitting Plat ‘soon’. I’m also still very much enjoying the game, as my ‘games played’ clearly shows.

As I mentioned before, it feels like the key skill to have as a player is being able to pivot or adapt to each game. Once you know all of the basics (which champ does what, item combinations, etc), the next big step is being able to identify what the game is giving you in that particular match, and putting all of the pieces together to form the best team you can with what you are given vs what others are building.

There is also a big risk management portion here. Certain combinations are game-winning if you hit them, but if you miss on any component, you are sunk. Is that the right approach to the game? It depends. If you take a big risk early and miss, finishing in 7th or 8th is crushing in terms of rank loss. That said, there is a lot to gain from finishing 1st vs 4th or so. Playing it ‘safe’ and aiming to finish 3rd or 4th will net you a positive rank gain, but not a big jump, and even then you always run the risk of missing 4th+ and losing points. Again, being able to quickly identify when to ‘roll the dice’ on a risky play is key, and those kinds of decisions pop up multiple times every match.

I’m getting more comfortable making those pivots now, at least in certain directions that feel more familiar to me than others. More playtime will lead to more comfort, which should lead to a higher rank.

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  1. I understand that Riot, which previously framed TFT as a temporary game mode, has decided that it will be staying around for the long term.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea it was a weird announcement, considering no one considered it temporary. I mean I guess if it completely bombed maybe they would have cancelled, but that was a super-slim chance.

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