WoW Classic: We are playing on Skeram (updated 8/17/19)

Reserving character names is open now, so it was time to pick a server. Initially we had a few different choices, but with queues being insane and a some servers being destinations for streamers or Brazilians, Grobbulus Stalagg Skeram ended up being the choice, alliance side.

So if you plan to join us, get a character created, join our discord, and wait around until the servers are up for good. Plans for the guild are somewhat tentative, but most likely we will be aiming for raiding once people hit 60 and get geared up. We won’t be aiming for server-firsts or anything like that, as the core we have is made up of adults with annoying things like kids, responsibilities, and in some rare cases social lives.

Edit: Updated 8/17/19, instead of Grobbulus we will be playing on Stalagg, a EST PvP server, still Alliance.

Second Edit: Updated 8/26/2019, instead of Stalagg, guild voted for Skeram, still Alliance.

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4 Responses to WoW Classic: We are playing on Skeram (updated 8/17/19)

  1. RP servers for the win!

    Somebody was tracking where the major streamers were landing when it came to servers, and it looked like Faerlina was the top choice, though most of the non-RP servers were showing as high load when I was on yesterday.

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  3. Alistaire says:

    I resubbed… any classes you are looking for? Priest perhaps?

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