The Outer Worlds: A few more thoughts

A few more thoughts on Outer Worlds as I continue to play it:

To start, I’m still very much enjoying it overall. It’s not flawless, but has far more good than bad, and even the bad isn’t ‘oh god this is terrible’ bad.

Dialog and voice acting are fantastic, for example. I truly enjoy talking to new characters, and the game has some of the best companions I’ve seen in a long time from a personality perspective. The way companions interact is also great, and may be one of the main drivers to play the game again, just to see how different companions react to different situations/choices.

Quests and their objectives are generally above-average, and some truly stand out. No spoilers, but so far most quests have been pretty logical, with some nice surprises worked in. Also so far everything has ‘fit’, without anything seeming to exist simply to be a quest objective. If you dig into the details of an area, most things are explained in a way that makes sense (for the setting).

The big downside so far has been the difficulty; the game is REALLY easy on normal. So easy that it feels like weapon/armor selection doesn’t matter, which stinks because weapon and armor customization options are very high. But if a less effective weapon still gets the job done, it doesn’t feel rewarding or smart to tinker with things and make sure you are playing optimally. I wonder if things would feel more ‘right’ on the hard setting. The highest setting changes a lot of the rules (the usual ‘survival’ stuff like needing to sleep and eat), and I’m not interested in that, but maybe just on hard things would feel a little more challenging.

Back to the good, I’ve yet to run into any technical issues such as crashing or broken quests. Considering the state a game like Fallout or Elder Scrolls ships in, that’s a big plus. To be fair Outer Worlds is far less… worldly than those games, but still.

Still baffled that you can play this game for a dollar via Game Pass, but it’s a hell of a value at that price!

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7 Responses to The Outer Worlds: A few more thoughts

  1. Esteban says:

    Playing it on hard. I actually enjoyed New Vegas survival difficulty with hunger/thirst/fatigue, but this time around survival includes companion permadeath, and let’s be honest, that’d just mean a bunch of reloads.

    Still rather easy. Almost done with the game, and difficulty looks to be a bit of an s-curve – somewhat rough at the very beginning, rapidly getting easier-to-trivial, then hitting a fairly manageable plateau again. Unfortunately, the main intervening factor for me was ‘is the gun up to date or not’, rather than anything to do with the build/customisation.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea, for me it feels like if your gun dps is ‘good’, things are easy. If the dps is on the lower side, things take longer or you might have trouble. Haven’t really noticed armor upgrades as much.

  2. Asmiroth says:

    I played on Hard after the first couple fights were washes. Meant that cover was more important, picking the right targets, and TTD to blind as many as possible.

    The middle of the game has a lot of combat, but at the tail end you can avoid 90% of every fight if you’ve invested in dialogue. I talked my way out of the last “boss” fight.

    • SynCaine says:

      What would you say is the ‘middle’? After you leave the first planet, or further beyond that? Right now I’ve done the first planet, done a first pass of the next area you go, and then went back to Terra for a different site. Am I in the middle yet?

      • Asmiroth says:

        Yeah, Roseway is in the middle. The start of that zone a bit less, but as you get deeper into those quests you start seeing more choices for completion. The Raptidon quest
        in particular.

        After I did that quest, I stopped applying skill points on level up to get a better feel of the way I wanted to solve quests. When I figured that out, I took the time to plan out my character a bit more, including mods/perks that affected skills.

        • SynCaine says:

          Ok I finished up Roseway, liked that area lot, and didn’t solve the quests in the way I would have liked in the end. Certainly one area I’d like to play through with a different approach (the more I see, the more it looks like murdering a lot of people might make for an interesting play-through)

        • Asmiroth says:

          Monarch is where the game hits full stride. Solid quests, great writing, interesting locations, and plenty of map exploration.

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