Reason one million one why Steam gets my money

Downloading Pathfinder:Kingmaker (29gig) off Steam : 5 minutes

Downloading Kingdom Come: Deliverance (66gig) off Xbox Game Pass PC : I don’t know, will update this post in the morning when hopefully the download is done chugging along at the 2006 speed of 10mb/s.

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3 Responses to Reason one million one why Steam gets my money

  1. DeiSophia says:

    Yeah I’m not convinced by these game passes, YouTubers are shilling for them like mad, whether it’s Bellular, Yong Yea or the others. I’m just sticking to Steam and GoG, like my DRM free and non subscription games, with decent download speeds, tucked safely onto my HDD.

  2. Jenks says:

    This is my only complaint about gamepass. The download speed is total ass, and the hidden peer to peer option in windows seems to make it WORSE. I’m happy to shill for it in every other aspect though, the value of gamepass ultimate is absurd if you have someone to gameshare with, nothing compares to it.

  3. Esteban says:

    Steam creates a better simulation of physical ownership. Speedy access is one of the things that enhances the quality of that simulation. I enjoy that simulation and up to a certain point I’m willing to pay for it. In contrast, the very notion of a ‘pass’ suggests impermanence.

    Though I am glad Steam has some competition now, even if they’re not doing very much about it.

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