Netflix Witcher, Way of Kings book, Parasite movie

Non-gaming blog post for today.

First, I finished watching The Witcher series on Netflix. Overall felt it was good to great, but watching it with someone who has not played the games, they were VERY confused. Hell I was confused for most of the second half thanks to some of the time jumps. Also a lot of the bits that I found fantastic, like the ‘quest’ in the first episode ending poorly for Geralt regardless of the choice he made, was very on-brand for the series, but if you haven’t played the games that whole nuance is missing. Also the ending to season one was just a big setup for season two, which is fine, but was somewhat anti-climactic.

Second, I also finished reading The Way of Kings, the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series planned for ten books. I have held off on starting this series after getting traumatized by Wheel of Time taking forever to finish, including the death of the original author and the need for Sanderson to step in and finish it (which he did a great job of doing), especially since only three books have been released so far, but I caved and I’m happy I did. Way of Kings was great, and the 40% of the book was a rollercoaster I could not put down. It’s very rare for me to give up gaming or TV time for a book, but that is what happened here.

Like other Sanderson books, Way of Kings hit the right level of detail and pace, while featuring an interesting world and unique magic system. Very much worth a read if you enjoy fantasy books.

Finally, I saw Parasite yesterday and man, what a great movie. Good story, good commentary on wealth/social status without beating you over the head with it, and all-around solid acting. I can see why the movie has won as many awards as it has, they are well-deserved.

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