That game under NDA…

It’s not possible to die, is it?


(Wish the NDA was down, and no, the entire post would not be a gigantic rip job.)

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11 Responses to That game under NDA…

  1. wartzilla says:

    So I shouldn’t bother downloading it to try, I presume.

  2. Derrick says:

    No, it’s tremendously boring. Really, terribly boring. I generally like random betas at least for a couple days, but this one I really just didn’t like at all.

  3. magnoz says:

    I hopped into but quit after 10 minutes because it looked and felt boring. But then again I can’t bring myself to fire up Skyrim again though I had great fun there for 50 hours or so.

  4. John says:

    Considering that this game is focusing on pvp and syncaine “hate” it already, I guess is already dead…another pvp focused game will come and pass like a whisper in the air(feeling poetic right now lol). I don’t feel pity for them…the tried to create a themepark game, put on a name from a “sandboxy” single player series and the focused on pvp endgame. Sometimes I hope people will share the secret and will tell us what they smoke/drinking..I need from this stuff.

  5. Korvus says:

    I been playing it as well. Seems acceptable to me for now. The buy or not point will now fall on how they implement a cash shop (not at all I hope) and how pushy and to what level required it is to buy things outside of my normal subscription.

    If it goes the way of cash shop in EQ2, I wont hesitate to bail on it.

  6. anon says:

    Why are you guys assuming Syn’s review is going to be bad? I bet its mixed. Just like mine would be.

    I myself quite enjoyed it. There is a wide-variety of crafting even though the system itself seems pretty simple. Crafting makes a sandbox, IMHO, and I’m not sure how items will stack up against dungeon gear so the jury is still out.

    I thought combat was interesting as a sorceror, especially when going up against multiple mobs. Questing is typical theme-park, but the voice-overs are pretty solid, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  7. FUCK THE NDA says:

    I almost didn’t install the TESO stress test, partly because I’ve become to old and bitter to do beta tests. I hate it when they delete your progression, obviously I think beta wipes are great but I hate it anyways, and I certainly have no interest in helping companies.

    The main reason was because I thought TESO was going to be another terrible world of warcraft copy. I already have the wildstar beta and that’s essentially world of warcraft 2, so no reason to have another…

    Funny thing though. TESO isn’t another themepark. It’s the next DAOC.

    Shit even the pve was tolerable, and it’s the first time since ultima online I’ve actually had fun doing something that wasn’t pvp.

    The interface is the biggest turd on the planet though. It’s a console UI and it’s painfully obvious.

  8. lothirieth says:

    Hey, I died once on my er.. whateverblade toon.. got knocked back a few times by a stronger mob so couldn’t fight whilst it was wailing on me. :P I swear the interrupt seemed useless half the time…. Didn’t die once on my caster though.

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