Rocket League is as boring as soccer

Can someone explain to me why Rocket League is fun? I picked the game up via Steam sale, but I can’t figure out where the fun is, so I need some help here.

I find soccer cripplingly boring, both to play and to watch, and I think Rocket League does a pitch-perfect (zing) job of emulating soccer with cars. You run (drive) around the field, chasing the ball, and after enough bouncing and chasing, the ball goes in the goal. Rinse repeat forever? Because that’s literally all Rocket League is. Drive, run into ball, move ball to goal, the end. There are some gamey aspects like car customization unlocks and different arenas, but the core gameplay is shockingly simple.

Now, I get that once you get better, you are able to manipulate the ball better with your car, predict the bounces better, hold better positioning, ect. I’m not saying Rocket League is easy, or that there isn’t a learning curve that goes far beyond knowing the controls. I’m just saying that the whole thing is terribly boring. After 2-3 games I was done, but stuck with it for a few more to see if maybe something would click. It didn’t, which leaves me wondering; is Rocket League only fun for soccer fans?

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9 Responses to Rocket League is as boring as soccer

  1. Jenks says:

    No, I don’t like soccer but I like Rocket League. I think its appeal is that you can pick it up and play it right away, it’s very easy to play it. But at the same time, it has one of the highest skill caps of any game I’ve ever played. Pros fly around the map guiding the ball while airborne, it’s crazy.

    • SynCaine says:

      That’s a fun clip, thanks, and I agree on it being a good game to fill a few minutes. Just wish those minutes were fun for me…

  2. Mark says:

    Can’t help you enjoy it but I find it a blast, then again I love soccer. That said as popular as it is I can’t imagine it being only soccer fans that love it.

  3. Izlain says:

    I’m in agreement. I tried it on a friend’s console when they purchased it amid its release window hype. I dislike Soccer, and it’s Soccer with cars. I played 3-4 rounds and put it down. I actually own a copy on PC now due to a humble bundle, but never installed it. I’d much rather be playing Mutant League Football, if that remake would ever show itself.

  4. Bhagpuss says:

    “Soccer” is the world’s most popular team sport because of its direct and visceral appeal to tribalism, not because of its “gameplay”. Can’t speak for Rocket League as I’ve never seen let alone played it.

    • darkaine2 says:

      Respectfully disagree, game play is fantastic for those of us that love the beautiful game.

  5. Kobeathris says:

    It isn’t the type of game I would play alone, however, it is fun to play with my wife and daughters. It moves fast and the physics are nuts, so it is very exciting, but unlike a fast racer, it’s not punishing if you aren’t very good. The ball is going to bounce around, someone might blow up mom, and after 3 minutes one side wins.

  6. But can you fall on the ground and fake an injury like real soccer?

  7. dyssent says:

    The real fun is in talking smack and “making friends” during games.

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