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Talos Principle mini-review

Quick review of the Talos Principle, a game released in 2014, one I purchased on Steam a few years ago, but only recently actually play. In short its a puzzle game similar to Portal, but with a far greater focus … Continue reading

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TimeWarp – Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor

A 3rd Timewarp post? Incredible but true! I picked up Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor on the latest Steam sale, because $7.50 for a GotY title seemed like a smart move. I was right. SoM is very good, especially because it … Continue reading

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Time Warp – Fallout: New Vegas

Time Warp hits post #2, making it the most successful ‘theme’ since Friday Blog Wars (oh how I miss you FBW) here at This time let’s talk about Fallout: New Vegas. Brief random history first: I never purchased NV … Continue reading

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Time Warp – D:OS thoughts

Welcome to the newest feature for the blog (which means this will be the only time it is used); where I blog about an older game you have either already played or have no interest in playing. Should be really … Continue reading

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