Noob lessons in EVE, long weekend of goodness.

I got my first Cruiser a few days ago, a shiny new Caracal. Having been on some level 4 missions with my Corp, I picked up some fittings off the wrecks, and after a bit of shopping, the Caracal was all set and ready to take on some level 2 missions. I set the destination and hit auto-pilot. As the Redsox game was on, I walked away and watched a few innings, as the auto-pilot had 17 jumps to go. I came back to the computer to find myself looking at a pod. I’m an idiot. I had not noticed that the course auto-pilot had picked took my though a 0.3 security zone, and sure enough, a Pirate must have been waiting for silly noobs like me to fly in and make an easy score off of. So my first Cruiser lasted all of about an hour, and fired off exactly 0 missiles before getting blown up. At least the pirate was nice enough not to pod kill me, so thank you MirrorGod for that. Lesson learned.

As usual, the Corp had my back and donated a new Caracal to the ‘help noob Syn’ cause. Sadly I had to buy all the fittings, and so now my Caracal is fling around without a single named pieces, and overall an odd setup. I have one heavy missile launcher, five assault launchers, two large shield expanders, 2 passive shield recharge fittings, an explosion dampener, and two ballistic control systems. It’s been working so far in level two missions, so good enough for now. No afterburner does make for some slow wreck cleanup though. Top speed of 206, wee.

This weekend should be a good one, and not just because Monday is a holiday. My Corp has scheduled a mining op for Saturday, which I am looking forward to, as I’ve only mined with 2-3 people before, so I am curious to see how it goes when we get a good sized group together and wtfpwn some asteroids. Sunday we have our level 4 mission day, which is always a blast. I’ll have to pick up a few more heavy missile launchers before that to hopefully contribute a bit more in terms of dps. Cross your fingers that I don’t get mass targeted and blown out of the sky, but odds are good that I will.

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5 Responses to Noob lessons in EVE, long weekend of goodness.

  1. CrazyKinux says:

    As long as you’ve learned your lesson you’re not an idiot, or else 100% of EVE’s population is, since we’ve all been there.

    Mine was setting my Tristan up for mining, then hitting the shower only to get a flash in between a rinse that, even though I was in a high sec system, pirates still flew in. I came back to see my pod’s beacon flashing.

    Mining Ops can be a lot of fun, with miners, haulers and CAP (Combat Air Patrol), they usually are very lucrative.

    Enjoy the 3 day week-end, I know I will.

  2. Drake says:

    In the little time I have been playing EVE (I started around the same time as you) i’ve made several similar mistakes and only just survived. In reality the autopilot is not your friend. As well as pirates, corps/alliances that are at war with you can attack you even in high-sec, regardless of wether a Concord Cruiser is flying right next to you.

    Can’t wait to get my Cruiser skills up (I have been training up industry for my corp), my only regret is that I continued playing WoW even though I was not enjoying it, and ignored games like this.

  3. syncaine says:

    Yea currently we are not at war with anyone, so .5 and above space is safe for travel. Avoiding low sec does make for some very long trips however, but I generally stay away from those. Currently flying missions and ops in the Kador region.

    Speaking of cruisers, I should finally be able to fly my Moa tonight. Keeps getting delayed, but it should get done tonight.

  4. Badem says:

    I too am playing EVE alongside playing another game, working my way up to battle cruiser (should be trained for it by 2pm today) then its off to raise the 22million ISK i need to buy hte Ferox i want, i certainly know when i get it i wont be going AFK while flying around, i tend not to use autopilot as it always drops you 10km from gate nad takes an age to limp to jump range

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