Mining Op = Success

The good thing about three day weekend is you get three days off. The bad thing is after three days, you go back to work. The terrible thing is the next three day weekend is far away, and you just had one. On the plus side, only four work days till the normal two day weekend is here again…

As stated in the post below, my Corp had a mining Op planned for Saturday, and overall it was a huge success. We managed to strip mine three belts in Ghesis, coming away with a good bit of minerals to produce new ships and fittings. Overall it was fairly uneventful, not unexpected considering Ghesis is a 0.5 security area, as well as being fairly low traffic. It was nice to see 6-12 (depending on the time) of us working together and as a team to accomplish a common goal. The final minerals count also shows exactly how far a Corp can get when its members work together, as we mined far more than we could have working alone. Perhaps when more of us are closer to combat ready, we will trek out into a .0.4 or below system and get the more valuable ores. Currently only a few of our members are truly skilled at flying a battleship, although those members have been playing EVE for two years or more, so they are very skilled. It’s up to us new guys to catch up and prove our worth. In time I’m sure we will, until then, the training continues.

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