Friday randomness.

Bit absent minded today, I blame it on today being Friday. EQ2 is going well, level 13 now. Heroic Opportunities still confuse me, I mean I get that you use the skill that is blinking to get a greater effect, but the NPC who tried to explain it referred to some kind of chaining effect. Perhaps with more time, I’ll figure it out.

As for EVE, still running missions and doing some occasional mining. I finally have enough LP to buy a +4 attribute implant, now I just need a little more cash, as it also costs 12 million ISK to purchase. I’m leaning towards Perception, but might go Intelligence. Currently my pilot sits at 22 Perception and 16 Intelligence, and that’s with all +1 implants. Considering he is going to focus almost exclusively on combat skills, Perception seems like the safe bet.

I’ve sadly had to go back to level 2 missions for now, as even in a Ferox I was having too much trouble with level 3s. The ship itself is fine, but I simply don’t have the skills to support it correctly. Soon enough however I should have enough of the combat related skills to level 3 to give it another go. I think I also drew some bad luck in getting “Massive Attack” as one of my first level 3 missions, as that mission can be a monster. “The Blockade” did not really help either. Good thing both times a Corp member with a BS was around to give me a hand and help me finish each mission, so thanks to Tao and Mord for that!

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  1. cyanbane says:

    HO are one of the best subsystems in EQ2. Unfortunately they do not add to much of an advantage at higher levels (30+), but they can help a lot at lower levels. here is a good guide:

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