The scope of EVE Online

The scope of EVE Online continues to impress me. Last night I finally finished training my ‘Destroyer’ skill, letting me finally pilot destroyers. Granted I still can’t afford one, let alone outfit it, but it was nice to finally be able to fly one when the cash comes around. I figure after a few more kill missions I should have enough to upgrade. While shopping for skills, I came across the Titan book, at a cool 4.5 billion ISK to buy. Considering most of the skills I was shopping for cost 60,000 ISK, the 4.5 seems like a stupid amount of money. The funny thing is the cost of a Titan is far beyond that 4.5 billion, which really makes you think just how far above some players are to newer players. No long is this in the realm of ‘I’m level 1, he is 50’, it’s far beyond. Some players in EVE are literally YEARS ahead of others, due to how the skill system works. As I get deeper into the game, it will be interesting to see if this is as unfair and unbalanced as it seems right now. Will I ever be able to take down someone who has a year+ in skill training on me?

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  1. Nuyan says:

    You will. :) Within a few months you can be at 90% of the efficiency of a one year old character for example. And from the beginning you can make yourself useful in just frigates for fleets.

  2. syncaine says:

    So how exactly does that work? Is it simply because level 4-5 ranks of skills take so long to train, while giving the same basic bonuses of levels 1-3? If someone has a year+ of skills training, won’t they have much better damage/accuracy in the same ship/setup as someone with 2 months?

  3. Crazykinux says:

    The reason is simple. Most skill level give you a 5% increase over the previous, but each takes longer and longer to train – some lvl1 take 15min to complete while lvl5 can take up to over a month. Add it all up, and a newbie can often times give a hard time to an old EVE player.

  4. Kurt Dyspare says:

    Easily. I started eve again last month, new toon, my brother re-activaed his account to play with me, he’s got 2million skill points, with a year in, and level 5’s all over the place. I can still burn him down and pod him at will after a month. It all depends on who you’re going after, and what you want to do. He can mine a LOT faster then I can, but I can tank/solo level III missions, while he’s still in level II’s.

    At first I even though, hell, there’s no way I can make the money I need to get what I want, but with some work, I’m already at 70 million plus, with 5 ships from frigate up to battlecruiser. That’s the beauty of Eve, with a month of dedicated work, you can play with the year plus people, and keep up.

  5. Sourpuss says:

    I’ve been playing for about 7 months now and I can tell you. Most of EVE in the realm of PVP is done in groups of players flying as Fleets; to form a well rounded fleet requires players of all skill levels. You can be flying with and killing the “Ancient” players in no time at all, granted you find a good group and take the time to train your real-world skill in controlling/piloting ships and communicating within eve. Good Luck, fly safe! See you in Null-Sec!

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