Training delay, SOE down, SotNW grinding.

Bit of EVE stupidity on my part a few days ago. I bought a +4 implant from the Ministry of War Loyalty Point store, having finally saved enough LP to get one. I proceed to unplug my +1 implant and go to plug in the +4. EVE informs me that I need cybernetics level 4. Ah crap. I should have checked to make sure I could use the new implant with my current skills, but sadly did not. So now my main pilot is sitting in a station waiting for his cybernetics skill to catch up, which delays all his gunnery and engineering training. The goal was to train those up a bit and give level 3 missions another shot in my Ferox, but now this has been delayed for two more days while cybernetics finishes. Overall delay of 5 days, but I guess I would have had to train cybernetics up eventually, and the +4 implant will speed up training after that. Still, I’m eager to get back to running level three missions, as I’ve been doing level 2’s for a long time now.

EQ2 was down all day yesterday, so no update in that.

In SotNW my team is still happily grinding away. One nice thing about SotNW is that each zone in the world map has a level range under its name, letting you easily see which areas you should head for next. Nothing earth shattering, but you wonder why other games don’t do this.

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